Top 5 All Time Best Comic Book Romances!


Love is in the air at Comic Book Therapy… especially in the comics.
Is the smell of fresh-cut roses, the delectable scent of gourmet chocolates wrapped up in gift-bowed, heart-shaped box or is it the undeniable allure of lyrical prose that lights the flames of desire and warms the heart and soul? NO!! It’s about the drama, escapades, action, tragic and victorious tumult of our favorite heroes and their constant battle with not a supervillain..but with keeping that one true love in their life for keeps.

Thanks to Modern Mythology Press’s Eric M. Esquivel and the gang at Tucson’s sensational comic book store chain, Heroes and Villains, we have compiled five of the greatest comic book romances of all time. Here We go!!


Of course I had to talk about this lovely couple…

Supes and Lois! The Man of Steel and Metropolis’s own news scoop chasin’ sweetheart… Life, secret identities revealed, death, resurrection! marriage!! KIDS!! This couple has seen it all… From the earlier days when Clark Kent first strode into the Daily Planet, aced his interview and totally OWNED the Daily Planet’s(if not, the ENTIRE Earth’s) title record for fastest typist for a reporter gig, Lois still saw Kent as nothing more than a small town boy fish-out of-water and stern competition for the big scoops.. As his alter/true blue boy ego starts making waves across town and the world, Lois gets hungry for the exclusive story on him and ends getting more than she bargained for… Adventure with a hero she falls for (and him for her) that plays into a tangled web of conflicts and battles with everyone from Lex Luthor, to Livewire, Darkseid and more…all the while growing closer to each other. Yes folks! It is an obvious pick but one of necessity! Com’on..them not getting a mention is like Hawkman or Hawkgirl without wings….


– DocBBanner


Which leads into our next entry….




There’s no shortage of stellar romances in comics, but my personal favorite has to be  Hawkman and Hawkwoman.  Hands down.

They’re a pair of cursed souls, damned to be reborn time and time again–only to die violently at the hands of their immortal foe Hath-Set before they can grow old together.


It may seem macabre at first, but the beautiful thing about the books is that Prince Khufu and Princess Chay-Ara don’t waste all of their waking hours lamenting their fate.  They take the bad with the good, and they recognize that the promise of impermanence only makes the time they share more precious.


That’s life.  That’s love.




– Eric M. Esquivel






I’m going to have to take the non-superhero route on this one and go with Yorick and Agent 355 from Y: The Last Man.  The last guy on earth and his body guard and of course, how could they not fall in love? 

355 travels across the world with him, helps save his monkey, talks him out of suicide, knits him a scarf, and then falls for him.  It was created and worked at through an understanding of eachother and their inner demons, desires, hopes, and dreams.  It’s not fairytale, it’s real life.  So thats a happy ending, right?




They realize their feelings and tell eachother just in time for 355 be sniped in the head–A reminder for us never to stuff our feelings down, we should embrace them because the next second or hour or day that someone could be gone.  The fear of rejection or it not being the right time should never be so paralyzing that nothing is ever said.





– Matt Warnstedt






Batman & Catwoman…because, duh, Catwoman!!!


But yes, all joking aside, it’s the classic opposites attract scenario…and I myself being married to an opposite, I can see the connection, and the amazing nature of that connection, quite easily. For all his calculated tendencies, Catwoman makes no sense for Bruce, and he makes no sense for her need for out of control adventure, but their love allows them to fulfill a need that they themselves cannot.



– Mike Camp






Here’s what I see as the greatest love in comics:  Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.


This is a love that has not only stood the test of time, but, also stood the test of marriage. Before Marvel did their reboot of Spider-Man and made him single (essentially divorcing him from Mary-Jane Watson), I always believed that he had one true love.


Yes, he was married to Mary-Jane, but I know that there was one love for Peter. One that even MJ had to understand. Nothing stays with you like your first love, and no one will ever resonate in Peter the way Gwen Stacy did or has.




– Robert Acosta


As Eric said, that is life…  that is love.  In the comics..

See you all next time!!



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