Top 10 Comic Book Couples


Hey all, I hop you are enjoying your Valentine’s Day and are spending your time with your significant other rather and exchanging chocolates, flowers, jewelry and what have you. Or, if you’re lucky like I am, you’ll be getting each other something nerdy and awesome that doesn’t die in two days or give you indigestion!

In honor of the “Lover’s Holiday,” I thought it might be appropriate to put together a list of some of the power couples of the comic book world. In all honesty, none of these couples should really be too surprising, but it just reaffirms the importance and role that these folks have played in some of our favorite comics. Unlike most of my other lists I put together, this one does have an order of importance, so pay attention!


#10- Daredevil & Elektra

This power couple is both daring and sexy, no matter how you look at it. The pair have had a deadly relationship that has been on-again-off-again for some time, but the chemistry between the two is undeniable. Both are deadly and unrelenting in their quest, but their end-games are quite different, which also makes this  one of the most dysfunctional relationships in comic books.


#9- Gambit & Rogue

Whenever I watch the X-Men films, I get very angry when I see that they put Rogue in a relationship with Iceman. They terribleness of the characters aside, there is only one person that Rogue should be in a relationship with and that is the Ragin’ Cajun! This is a classic romance that belongs more in the Victorian era than it does in a comic book. The two Southern star-crossed lovers join together not only because of their love for each other, but also for their understanding of each other’s past. Both have darkness and mysteries and they accept that. Not only that, but their lack of physical contact is made up by intangible love, which is so much more powerful


#8- Green Arrow & Black Canary

This relationship is the epitome of opposites attract. He is ill-tempered and rough, while she is determined and measured. The pair, despite numerous retcons and re-writes, always seem to come back to one another in some way. The pair have starred in their own series and have had stints on the famed Justice League. Regardless of where they fit in, Ollie and Dinah seem to always find their way home. The duo never let their differing traits come between them, which is more than most folks can say, comic book or other wise.


#7- Joker & Harley Quinn

This couple is truly unique, in more ways than one. First off, they actually started on the popular Batman: The Animated Series, after which Harley was added to the comic series and has become a big part in the Batman universe, as well as in the gaming world. Quinn’s love for Joker is unmatched and unwavering., but this is also the bane (sorry, I had to) of the relationship as this is actually, at its core, an abusive relationship. One of the better episodes of the famed 90’s toon is where Quinn leaves the Joker to stay with Poison Ivy. The episode focuses on Quinn’s dependency on Joker and her inability to go on without him. A pretty heavy topic for a kid’s show, eh?


#6- Batman & Catwoman

Want to talk about sexual tension? This couple reigns supreme in that department. Batman has, for years, tried to reform the cat-burglar, trying to get her to put her “skills and talents” to good use for the good guys. All the while the sexy Selina Kyle has been trying to get the Dark Knight to take a walk on the wild side. While their relationship has never been “official,” Batman’s foes know that if you want to get his attention, you go after Catwoman. The pair have also consummated their relationship numerous times, even having a child that would later become the Huntress. This duo can’t be beat when it comes to raw, sexual heat. Meow!


#5- Mr. Fantastic & the Invisible Woman

Representing the reigning first family of the Marvel universe is Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards and the Invisible Woman/Sue Storm. He’s one of the greatest minds in the comic book world and she is one of the most beautiful and no slouch when it comes to intelligence herself. This relationship started off rocky, mainly because of Reed’s love of science and her love of anyone that didn’t like Reed. Regardless of their troubles, this pair has always made things work, even during the massive crossover event in “Civil War,” when the pair found themselves on opposite sides. The love these two share for each other most people, real world or comic book, can only dream of having; their love is pure and strong.


#4- Spider-Man & Mary Jane Watson

Gwen Stacey was Peter’s first love, but in one of the most tragic events in comic history, Gwen was killed off, showing readers that no one is safe. Eventually Spidey learned to love again when he met Mary Jane Watson. The pair, who eventually married have had more controversy and trials than Lindsay Lohan. She not only married Peter Parker, but she also married the hero and the responsibilities and dangers that come with being a hero. But no matter what, MJ has always been there to tell Peter to stop moping and move on to brighter things. She even went as far as making a deal with the Devil to save the life of Peter’s beloved Aunt May, erasing her relationship and marriage to Peter. Now that is true love.


#3- Cyclops & Jean Grey

They have buried each other numerous times, been cloned, a marriage to said clone, Wolverine constantly sticking his punk-ass nose in their relationship, a heated relationship to Emma Frost and of course, Mr. Sinister having a major crush on the pair and constantly wanting to have a threesome (or something like that) with them. Despite all that, Scott and Jean always find a way into each others arms and remain a mainstay in the X-Men world.


#2- Batman & Robin

You can’t tell me you didn’t see this one coming. Regardless of who is filling the role of Batman’s sidekick, the “Dynamic Duo” is a pairing that is the quintessential example of a fully functional relationship. Sure, their have been issues, issues that come back to haunt you (*cough* Jason Todd *cough*), but his pair always comes out on top, so to speak. This is the only non-romantic pairing on the list, but the relationship they share is just as powerful and iconic, gaining them a prominent spot on this list. It’s Batman & Robin, for hell sake!

3578-superman-and-lois-lane sm

#1- Superman/Clark Kent & Lois Lane

When you think of comic book couples, these two are usually the first to come to mind. The pair have been together for the better part of a century now and despite a few hiccups, they’ve withstood pretty well. She is a go-getter in the news world, but isn’t immune to the woes of being a hero’s girlfriend and has been rescued more times than can be counted by her boy scout lover. My only question is why it took so long for her to figure out that Superman and Clark were the same person. I don’t care what kind of glasses you wear or how you part your hair, you don’t look that different Kal-El!

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day! Hold ’em close and embrace the nerd love people!

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