Tom Hiddleston On Thor: The Dark World Getting A Double Shot Of Loki


loki bannerA few weeks ago it was revealed that Thor: The Dark World was going through some reshoots. Since most people see reshoots as a negative, there was a section of the web that started to wonder what exactly that said about the Alan Taylor directed film coming out next month. It turns out those “reshoots” were actually entirely new scenes featuring Loki. Everything can use more Tom Hiddleston, so the worry quickly subsided. While out at the Toronto International Film Festival this week Hiddleston talked about the reshoots and how they came about.

Hiddleston was too modest to admit that the reshoots were to inject more Loki into The Dark World, but he does admit he is in the film more than he was to begin with. He also reveals that he came up with the ideas for a few of the scenes himself:

I don’t know if that’s why, but I’m in the film more than I was. I mean, I don’t know quite how the decision was made, but we weren’t redoing things we’d done before. We were adding new stuff. So that was fun for me. And some of the things were scenes I’d actually pitched for a long time ago.

lokiIt’s pretty impressive that Marvel let Hiddleston pitch some scene ideas and actually ended up using them. That’s almost unheard of for such a huge blockbuster film. That’s usually something that happens on smaller budget and smaller scale films. Hiddleston talked about how that entire process behind that works with Marvel Studios:

Well, the thing about Kevin Feige is he’s very, very open and collaborative. And he and Louis D’Esposito, who run the studio — I find it very admirable that they’re open to ideas. Possibly more now than they would have been the first go-around. Chris Hemsworth and myself have lived inside these characters for two movies now and we’ve been inside every scene and we know what works and we know what doesn’t works. And also, we know what we’ve done and what we shouldn’t try to repeat. Because that was the great sort of fire underneath myself was not wanting to take anything for granted or just put the old recipe in the microwave, you know? And try and find new things for the characters to do — new iterations of the relationship between Thor and Loki. And Kevin was really open to that. I remember as we were conceiving of the shape of the film, Kevin and [director] Alan Taylor were really open to it, especially because they always talk about the connective aspect of the Marvel universal.

I don’t know how they got to the idea of it. The good thing about true teamwork when you’re making something is that you forget who had the idea. Like, you just know that it’s the right idea.

You can read the full interview with the actor where he talks a little more about his Comic-Con performance by clicking here. It will be interesting to see just how large of a role Loki will play in the movie. He’s turned in to a fan-favorite character to say the least, but hopefully he gets his due without stealing the thunderers…well, thunder. What do you think about The Dark World getting a little more mischievous?

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Source : Huffington Post