Tom Brevoort Talks Captain America’s New Marvel NOW! Suit


Marvel NOW! is just around the corner. We’ve gotten a tease at some of the characters new looks, some more radical than others. One character that has changed over the years and even more recently in the movies is Captain America. Jerome Opena and John Cassady have reworked Cap’s suit for Marvel NOW! Marvel editor Tom Brevoort talked about the new look with MTV Geek.

Brevoort talks about the idea to change the look and if there was any concern about messing with the iconic look.

The approach and the thought was very simple: we wanted to modernize Cap’s outfit so as to reflect the gear worn by actual soldiers, to convey that sense of the character visually. It’s been updated before, and so long as what we ended up with still looked like and gave you the silhouette of Captain America, that was what was important to me. We just did years of stories in which Bucky wore a variant of Cap’s costume, and people were able to accept it just fine, and still recognize and react to him as Captain America. Same thing here.

The new looks is an attempt to make Cap look like an actual solider of the 21st century and less of a superhero. Brevoort on how that trumped trying to make it look like a movie version:

We weren’t really thinking about the movie incarnation per se, though it’s difficult to avoid it I suppose. But even there, Cap’s already had two completely different suits in the movies, in CAP: FIRST AVENGER and then in MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS. What we were really going for, more than anything, was the feeling of Cap being an actual soldier. At the outset, I did some research and collected a bunch of different photographs of modern military gear, helmets and what-have-you, and they all informed the design we eventually settled on.

Brevoort also said that the costume will be relatively consistent rather than absolutely consistent as other artists draw Cap. “I don’t need every last costume line and rivet to be in exactly the same place from artist to artist, so long as the overall silhouette is proper and the flavor of the character is maintained.” Some artists may make it look more like the old style, some may make it look more like current body armor. It will stay somewhat consist, but the look will differ to what each story needs of Cap and what each artist wants to bring to the table.

MTV Geek also grabbed a look at the art for the suit redesign. You can read the full interview by clicking here. The Ultimate’s Cap got a redesign recently, and now the 616 is as well. What do you think of the tweaks?

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Source : MTV Geek