justice leagueThere was talk a few months ago that Justice League of America would be rebranded as Justice League Canada after the events of Forever Evil, well it turns out the book is getting a new title but it’s not limited to Canada. It was announced today that Jeff Lemire’s JLA will now pick up some new members and be called Justice League Untied. USA Today had the rundown on the new development.

This April JLA will end, and after some talk with Dan Didio about including Lemire’s native Canada in the title, it has been decided that the new title will be United. Things kick off in a special zero issue as we see the new team who will split their time between Northern Ontario and a few cosmic locales. Lemire said the series is “very much a swashbuckling, world-jumping space adventure.” The first story will see celebrity heroes Animal Man and Stargirl signing autographs at a Toronoto convention when they’re called away up north.

Joining Stargirl and Animal Man will be Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Supergirl, and the reintroduced New 52 version of Adam Strange. USA Today outlined the first two arcs of Lemire’s new run:

Lemire didn’t want to make the mistake that a lot of “cosmic” comics make in that they’re too disconnected from the main universe “or what’s happening on Earth, basically,” the writer says. So United will act as a bridge between worlds — much of the first arc takes place on the planet Rann, which acts in contrast to the heroes’ “very stark, rural Northern Ontario location.”
And the second arc sends the team off to Thanagar for a story line revolving around Hawkman and his past, Lemire says. “The character is going to continue to evolve, pretty dramatically actually.”

The writer will also introduce a new character to the DC Universe, a teenage superpowered member of the Cree tribe in Canada. Lemire said a lot of research went into making sure that character was respectful and realistic. So a new team has been assembled to fight the many threats on earth and even a few off in the cosmos. You can read the full interview by clicking the source link below. Will you be checking out Justice League United?

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Source : USA Today