Tim Miller Will Direct Deadpool… Who???


Ok…*SIGH… Tim Miller is a Visual Effects Worker, who worked on Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, X-Men, ‘Daredevil, and X-2. This will be his directorial debut. Yes, “DEBUT”. So Fox throws a great character, Deadpool, to a new unknown “director” with no directorial experience? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

Yes, a lot of fans are going to be  very upset at this. I mean, the chances of screwing up the Deadpool character again are very high.

I want to be positive, but there are other directors out there who could have been hired for this project. I am all for new blood in the movie industry, but you just don’t give these kind of movies to a new guy who has no experience.

It may turn out well, only time will tell, but as it right now, I am not happy. Lets see what Green Lantern, I mean, Ryan Reynolds has to say about this.

What are your thoughts?

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