Tim Drake And Stephanie Brown Will Have Sizable Roles In The Upcoming BATMAN Weekly Series


batman eternalBatman fans were pretty excited to hear that a new weekly series putting the spotlight on the Caped Crusader, his city, and his cast of supporting characters would be launching next spring from Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. When it was announced at New York Comic Con that Stephanie Brown would be introduced into the New 52 in the series, some fans got even more excited. Tynion IV recently spoke with Newsarama about Batman: Eternal and how they went about reintroducing Stephanie Brown. The writer also says Tim Drake will have a pretty substantial role as well.

stephanieBesides Snyder and Tynion IV, Tim Seely, Ray Fawkes, and John Layman will be coming to play in the weekly Batman sandbox. While they will get their chance to tell a story or two, Tynion and Snyder will kick things off. One of the early stories will see Stephanie Brown coming into the New 52. Some fans have been asking for it for years, and now the time has come. Tynion IV talks about how that came into being:

A lot of it’s hard to talk about, because with the series launching in the spring, we’re still a ways off. I’d say at the core of it, there is a very specific role in the series that she was just absolutely perfect to fill. And when we pitched that to DC, they agreed, that this was the moment — the moment is now; this is the time to bring Stephanie back into continuity.

Because part of our goal… we love that Stephanie has such a huge fan base, but our goal in this story isn’t just to tease that fan base, but also to, like, triple the size of it. We want to introduce a whole new generation of readers who may have never read a Stephanie Brown story before, to see why she has such a huge fanbase and what makes her a great character. And what we’re doing with her, I think, is really exciting and very fitting to who she is, but it’s very rooted into the core plot of the series. So I can’t hint about it just yet.

Part of the problem with bringing Stephanie Back is making her feel unique and make her belong in the world. We have numerous Robins and Batwomans, but Tynion IV says they found a good angle for the character:

That was very key to figuring out the best time to bring her back. Because there are so many incredible female characters in and around Gotham right now, so we wanted to make sure when we introduced Stephanie, it didn’t seem like we were, you know, doubling-down on any of them.

We also wanted to make sure we were staying true to the core of the character, and that we’d be able to tell a story that would introduce her to everyone. So I think that’s exactly what we’re doing here. I’ve already written my first Stephanie Brown scenes, and I’m really excited for people to see them.

tim drakeWhile some fans are excited to hear Stephanie Brown will finally make an appearance, many more will be happy to hear that Tim Drake will be getting more time in the spotlight as we see him become better connected to the Batman universe. Tynion IV says Tim Drake was his Robin, so getting a chance to explore the character was a real treat:

He is going to be one of the major characters over the course of the whole year. That was always one of the goals. Tim has had a lot of great stories going on since the New 52 started, but he’s been kind of disconnected from the core Bat-family, and we wanted to show his role and all the key relationships he has with the Bat-family members, and tell a Gotham story — although it might expand out of Gotham — but a Gotham-style story featuring Tim and some other major characters in the Bat-family.

You can read the full interview at the source link below. Batman: Eternal will be going pretty deep into the Batman roster of characters and it sounds like everyone will get their chance to shine. The stories will help establish a new status quo for Snyder’s main Batman series too. What do you think about Tynion IV’s comments? Will you be taking a weekly trip to Gotham next year?

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Source : Newsarama