Thought You Knew Superior Spider-Man’s Identity? Think Again


Remember that story where we thought Dan Slott spoiled the identity of the superior Spider-Man via a Twitter message that was quickly deleted? (you can click here if you need a refresher) Well it turns out he was indeed just trolling us. The writer took to Twitter earlier today to announce a no spoiler policy for the next few issues of Spider-Man. If you spoil, Slott will block you for life from all of his social media pages. Don’t believe me? Here are his own words:


Well, those rascally rascals over at Bleeding Cool say they already know what happens from issue 698 to Superior Spider-man 1. While they did do what Slott told everyone with knowledge to do by staying silent, they did let one thing slip about the possibility identity of Superior Spider-Man. They said who it’s not going to be. It’s not going to be Miguel<- highlight that to read. What do you think about Slott’s warning and the identity info?

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Source : Bleeding Cool