Thor Trailer Screencaps And A Few Things Worth Pointing Out


thor bannerIt has been a few hours since the latest Thor: The Dark World trailer hit, and I’m sure you’ve watched it a few times by now (click here if you haven’t). Marvel took YouTube‘s Geek Week to an entirely new level by premiering the second full-length trailer for the Alan Taylor directed sequel. There is a lot of new footage and some incredible action packed in those two plus minutes, but there are several things that are worth pointing out that you may have missed.

The biggest thing to be shown in the trailer was the first image you see below. All of the other HD screengrabs are in the order they played in the trailer, but the image at the top was worth putting up first. The image shows the evil Malekith levitating Jane Foster. Between the floating Jane and Christopher Eccleston‘s Dark Elf is our first real look at Algrim/Kurse. The Dark Elf Algrim, who is transformed into the villainous Kurse, is brought to life in the sequel by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. It’s not the clearest and closest look at the big bad, but it’s a welcome glimpse at what’s in store. Also, that’s Loki on the left. Has he turned on his brother and given Jane to the Dark Elves?

thorWhile we only get glimpses of Malekith in the trailer, we do get a good look at his giant ship that causes massive amounts of destruction. The ship has changed quite a big from the first trailer. It appears to be more mechanical this time around. What we do see of the Dark Elf leader is changed as well. Originally Malekith was wearing a hood, but this time he has a pretty hi-tech helmet. What won’t change is the fact the Dark Elves will be causing a lot of damage. Thor looks a little worse for wear in several of the below images. It looks like he takes a pretty good beating. He may get some revenge though. You can see he is about to drop the hammer on Malekith in one image.

The rock creature seen at the very end of the trailer that Thor completely annihilates is a little Easter Egg. He’s a Kronan, a rock man from Saturn, just like the ones Thor faced down in his first appearance in Journey Into Mystery #83. The god of thunder had a harder time dispatching them in the comics.

The final thing worth mentioning and then I’ll let the image speak for themselves, is Loki‘s prison. We see the god of mischief spending some time on his own in a luxuriously decorated cell. A little later in the trailer we find out he’s not in the jail by himself. There are several other creatures in cells of their own. Empire had a rundown of some of the trailer’s scenes:

“This is a prison built by Thor’s great-grandfather Buri,” explains producer Craig Kyle. “While the exterior still feels very ancient and stone, the inside of these chambers have been upgraded to hold in new creatures and beasts. Across the way [from Loki], you see Marauders [rag-tag invaders of the Nine Realms] and demons.”

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