Thor: The Dark World May Contain A Surprising Death


This story will most certainly contain possible major spoilers. If you don’t want to know a thing about the movie stop reading here. Exits can be found here and here. Please check out some of our other great articles on your way out. If you’d like to hear something that may happen in Thor: The Dark World, then by all means continue reading.

Bleeding Cool, who is correct more often than not on all things comics and movies, have heard a tasty littler rumor about Thor 2. They say a couple of “good sources” have indicated that one of the main characters in The Dark World is going to be killed before the final credits. That’s right, somebody who is a major player is going to go off to Valhalla before the end. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re going to see Valhalla, that was just my attempt at some witty wordplay. The word is that it may just be Odin who goes to the great beyond. The source was “pretty sure”, then  BC talked with the source at length and said they were “a little less sure” about Odin. The word from all the sources is that a death happens, the question is who dies.

The film is shooting in the UK now, and BC said they hope to learn some more as filming goes on. I find it hard to believe that Odin himself will bite the bullet this time. There is so much to explore with that character, and Anthony Hopkins is such a great actor. Then again, that might be the problem. Hopkins may not want to be involved with Thor for the foreseeable future. My money would be on one of  the warriors three or Sif. But don’t get worked up just yet, movie deaths mean about as much as comic book deaths. What do you think? Who do you think will perish in battle?


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Source : Bleeding Cool