Thor: The Dark World Director Talks Mads Mikkelsen’s Malekith Departure And More


malekithWe’re inching ever closer to the premier of Thor: The Dark World. The cast and crew are starting to talk more about it as the press machine is starting to fire up. Director Alan Taylor recently spoke with SciFi Now magazine (via ThorMovies.Tumblr) about the sequel and what he has in store for fans. He reiterates how he will give Sif, the Warriors Three, and Heimdall larger roles since they were little more than background characters for the first film, but he also reveals a few new interesting nuggets of news. The one time Game of Thrones director talks about Mads Mikkelsen not being right for Malekith, how we’ll see some serious consequences from Odin‘s bad decisions, and more.

When work first started on The Dark World, Mads Mikkelsen was announced to be in talks for the role of Malekith. Many thought Mikkelsen ended up passing on the role for the now smash-hit TV series Hannibal. Taylor doesn’t exactly say why Mikkelsen didn’t work out, but he says Chris Eccleston quickly became the clear choice for the leader of the Dark Elves:

We knew Malekith was the villain, but he kept changing as a figure. He has a partner named Algrim, who was out of the movie for a while and then was back in the movie, and that changed who Malekith was. During that process, I went to another actor-Mads Mikkelsen- to play him, who is someone I am just fascinated by and love, but it didn’t work out. After that, the character solidified and I approached Chris because by then it was clear what the tone of his character was. He is intelligent, regal yet disdainful, and so tragic, and Chris could do all of that. The curveball was making him speak Elvish at the last second.

thor and odinTaylor went on to say that Malekith was the right choice for the villain because he “wanted a villain that was 5,000 years old: someone of the scale of the universe and time rather than a gangster down the street.” The subtitle of the film, The Dark World, not only  relates to the Dark Elves’ home, it also relates to a darker and more ominous tone overall. Taylor once again states that we will see people we care about die, but everyone goes on a serious journey during the film. The director hints at some ominous things resulting from Odin‘s decisions in particular. On Thor and Odin‘s new relationship:

How do Odin and Thor interact at the beginning of this movie when it is not a brat and his wise father? In some ways Thor is starting to surpass his father in terms of wisdom and power, and so how does that father-son relationship play out?

We actually allow Odin to falter; you see him making some not very great choices, and something devastating happened to each of them. Is Thor going to rise in that moment? So it’s an evolution of the same characters, but they are in different places, and it’s clearest in Loki and Thor, because Loki is going places he has never been before.

Loki is apparently the key to going to the Dark World according to Taylor. I’m sure all of this relates to the allowing “Odin to falter” comments. Odin‘s decisions may even lead to the death(s) that’s been teased. We’ll have to wait until November to find out for sure though. What do yo think about the director’s comments? Do you like what you’ve seen of Malekith so far?

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Source : ThorMovies.Tumblr.Com