Thor: The Dark World Adds Some Surprises


The sequel to Thor has already starting some shooting, but the casting additions keep rolling in. We have two new additions to the thunderers first outing post-Avengers in the form of Richard Brake and Clive  Russell.

Deadline is reporting that Brake will play a captain in the Einherjar. That would be a warrior team that fought alongside Thor in Norse mythology. You may recognize Brake from Batman Begins. He played Joe Chill, the murderer of  Thomas and Martha Wayne.

The truly surprising addition comes with the announcement of Russell, who recently joined Game of Thrones for the third season. The surprise is who exactly Clive Russell is playing. He will bring Tyr to the big screen. For your Thor fans, you know Tyr is the older brother of Thor and is the god of war. Tyr is the natural son of Odin, making him Thor’s actual brother and the brother of the adopted Loki.

This is a pretty big addition to the film, and will surely be a big role in the film. We’ve seen some photos of battle scenes being filmed so the god of war should feel right at home. With this addition, it makes me wonder if we’ll be getting Balder the Brave anytime soon. What do you think true believers? Are you ready for an extended Odinson family?

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Source : Deadline