Thor Prepares For Battle In Uncanny Avengers #6 And Thor: God Of Thunder #7


thor banner 2Two new Thor-centric stories are kicking off this Wednesday. A young Thor has to engage in fisticuffs with Apocalypse in the 11th Century for Rick Remender‘s “The Apocalypse Twins part 1.” Remender is joined by new regular series artist Daniel Acuña as the new story kicks off. Can Thor keep Apocalypse from killing off all the Avengers‘ ancestors? Can Thor save the future by battling in the past?

Our other Thor preview is Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic‘s Thor: God of Thunder #7. The god butcher is building a GODBOMB, but what is it? We’ll find out when the first of a five part story starts this week. Will you be picking up Thor‘s newest adventures this Wednesday?


The Apocalypse Twins part 1

New regular artist Daniel Acuña joins just in time for Thor vs Apocalypse in the 11th Century! Wait until you see these two titans first meeting and first battle!

The Avengers’ ancestors are being hunted and only a young Thor can save his future companions!

And with Rama Tut and Kang pulling the strings, you know nothing good can come from any of it.

The future begins in the past! This is it! The future of the all-new, all-different Uncanny Avengers begins here and the effects will reverberate across the Marvel Universe for years to come!


GODBOMB Part One of Five

• Somewhere at the end of the time, all the gods of the universe are enslaved, working to build a machine that will forever change the face of creation.

• What is…the Godbomb? And what can Thor, the last free god in all the cosmos, do to stop it?

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