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Oddity Commodity is an Arizona local Clothing Company who has recently ventured into Comic Book creating. Last year we had the honor to host a release party for the first issue of Odd Chronicles #1 at my store Drawn To Comics. With a creative idea and clean art, it has been met with great success locally and this past week they released ODD Chronicles #2, April 13th online.
Last Saturday Night I got sit down with Oddity Commodity (ODDCO) Writer Eric Chanen & Artist Chris Burkheart at my favorite Local Pizza Joint, Pizza Old Roma to discuss their current new on-line release of ODD Choinicles #2 and their upcoming projects and what is in the future for ODDCO. I now would like to share with you what is on its way to become the best comic company you will soon hear more from in the upcoming future


Ken: Thank you guys for taking the time to join me with this awesome Pizza Pie for this profile interview. First question I want to ask for everyone is for you to tell us how ODDCO got started as a company?

Chris: I, Steven Gomez (Writer) and James Hiralez (Inker/Black & White Tone artist) we’re all working together in the same FedEx/Kinko’s printing department and we all had a common interest in art. We felt we all had great ideas but no definitive roadmap for executing them. We quickly built up a good friendship and creative bond and decided to band together with one common goal of creating better products for the art industry.

Ken: Very nice, which obviously led to the beginning days of ODDCO, which I want to know how did you come up with this unique company name?

Eric: We had the mission to do something completeiy different and unseen in the comic art industry, even more “odd” then anything else out there. We see it as being Odd and we are producing collectible Commodities and the name came together naturally. That being said Oddity Commodity was born! Now even better the ODDCO name works even better with us staying with our mission of being an ODD Company.

Ken: What do you believe was your defining moment that told you, “Hey we got something special going here?”

Chris: I would say it had to be Free Comic Book Day 2009 in your store. It was our first captive audience that was outside our own peer network circles. The audience on that day was very receptive and positive feedback was amazing and exceeded our expectations for a public response. The day left us feeling like superstars and that is what we felt gave us the push to know this is for real and we need to go full throttle at this and we will be successful.

Ken: Well, you guys have been definitely going full throttle, you guys have put out multiple original T-shirts, art prints and just finished your 2nd comic, so what’s next for ODDCO?

Eric: The main goal is taking over the world, but that’s long term (Laughs). ODDCO is going to continue to bust ass and add new talent to the stable to help us take names while doing it. We have already added awesome new talent to the ODDCO stable with names that you will all be hearing from in the near future. Some of the new talents that have joined us to work on an Annual Collaboration Comic we have in the works are, Sam Gomez, Jacob Gallegos, Chris Wood, Jason Mandell, Shawn McGowan and Shelby Robertson. All of these guys are local and have an amazing amount of talent and were excited to be working with them on this and other upcoming projects.

Ken: Now that you see ODDCO on path with your “Road Map”, where do you see the company in 5 years?

Chris: Doing what we want to do for a living.

Eric: And loving it!

Ken: Ok, last question guys. What is one thing that nobody may know about ODDCO but everybody needs to know?

Chris: We’re coming!

Eric: We truly believe there is nothing in the industry like us because we live and breath this every moment of every day.


That puts a wrap on my sit down with ODDCO. I see a good group of guys that are not only super talented but equally as motivated to bring fans a great product. It may come across as some pretty odd stuff but if it does then they are accomplishing their plan and that is to make an impact in the industry that will leave an imprint on everyone who comes into contact with it!

To learn more about ODDCO visit their web-site, also be sure to take a look at the great products available from ODDCO at

Ken 4/15/11

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