Things Get Ugly In Official, Up-Close Look at Dane DeHaan As Green Goblin



Marc Webb’s sequel to the so-so reboot of the Spider-Man franchise has drawn a lot of ire and opposition from fans. Sony and Webb have taken a much different approach to the character and his rogues, one that is quite a bit different from the more comic-booky take that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire gave to us. the biggest difference, or at least the one that a lot of folks have focused on is how the villains have been portrayed and adapted, particularly in the upcoming sequel. Rhino has been changed to a large mech-suit, Electro’s powers are derived from a mishap involving electric eels and then there’s the Green Goblin. Traditionally, the character is first portrayed by Norman Osborn, being played by Chris Cooper, but this go-round, they are jumping right to his son, Harry, being played by the up-and-coming Dane DeHaanWebb has skipped the more traditional “goblin” look for a more, I don’t know, dirty Billy Idol look? So far we haven’t seen a really good, up close look at the character, but that all changes today.

In order to help fans to better understand the character, Sony has released this up close image. It is rumored that the character will suffer from a Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type transformation a couple times during the film, similar to those we saw with The Lizard in the first film. It is unclear, however, is if this is just one version of those transformations or if this is the end-all-be-all look of the character. Admittedly, this is the character that I was most hesitant about, but I do think he looks much better when you see him up close. Would I rather see the traditional Goblin look from the comics? Yeah, probably, but I do feel this is a better look than the Power Ranger look we got from Raimi’s film.


In related news, MTV have released a new video, which you can watch here, that highlights some of the strengths that Spider-Man possesses that set him apart from other heroes we’ve seen on screen. The main thing, that many fans already know, is that he has a unique ability to balance the good and the bad that comes with being a hero and the personal struggles that come along with the job. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will certainly portray that. He’s also a sympathetic character and would rather avoid the fight if possible.

“There’s an emotional component to the superhero,” said Webb. “It’s not even super-heroism. It’s something we all can have, something we all have the capacity to have.”
“If he has the time during a car chase, he’ll help an old lady across the street,” said Andrew Garfield, the man underneath the Spider-Man mask. “He’ll tell someone to stop texting and driving, if he has a moment. He’ll give a donut to a homeless guy.”

Speaking of fights, last year’s Man Of Steel was a popular comic book film, but many fans thought that the wanton destruction of Metropolis was too much and extremely unrealistic. Marc Webb addresses this issue when he says that Spider-Man is a rescuing hero, rather than a fighting hero.

“Superman and Thor have great strength and they use that to great affect,” he said. “But Spider-Man saves people.”

Calling a spade a spade there. Be sure to check out the entire video over at MTV for more great info about Andrew Garfield’s take on Spider-Man, including his wise-cracking ways, his conflicts and inspirations. So what do you guys think? Does this new pic help ease the pain at all or does it make it worse?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters on May 2nd

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Source : Screen Rant