THE WOLVERINE Alternate Ending Features A Classic Costume


wolverineBack in September some pictures hit of an unused costume for The Wolverine. The costume was the classic black and yellow design fans have been dying to see on film for years. The pictures were quickly yanked down because they were said to have been taken from a private account and was just a proof of concept piece more than anything. Well know we have learned the truth behind the classic comic book costume. It was used in the film and is part of the alternate ending of the James Mangold directed flick. The alternate ending has just hit online thanks to Twitter’s @AidarSM, and it follows along pretty well with what we saw on screen…except for one big thing. When Logan and Yukio are about to take off in the plane, Yukio presents Logan with a gift. When he opens it up we see the amazing costume. His reaction is priceless. Along with that scene that may bring a tear to fanboy and fangirls’ eyes when they think of what might have been, the behind the scene featurette for Days of Future Past that was released along with The Wolverine Blu-ray as part of the multi-touch e-book experience has popped up as well. We’ve seen several screenshots from the piece, but now you can watch the video. You can check out both videos in their entirety below. With Mangold and Hugh Jackman returning for another film, maybe we’ll see that costume next time. This proves the idea has been talked about and was even close to being a part of the actual film. What do you think about the alternate ending? Well it looks like the videos got yanked down. IGN does have a clip of the box being open in their news segment, so you can check that out if you still haven’t seen it.

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Source : Twitter and VK.Com