The Winter Soldier: Will Falcon Have His Bird? Will Agent 13 Kick Some Ass?


captain-falcon-2With the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier we get a few new characters added to the Marvel cinematic universe. Obviously, we have the Winter Soldier, who is played by Sebastian Stan and will likely play the film’s main antagonist. We also have a few new heroes in the mix as well, namely Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie, and Sharon Carter/Agent 13, played by up-and-comer Emily VanCamp. And we can’t forget the addition of Frank Grillo as Crossbones!

The folks over at Hitfix got a chance to talk with the trio about the different aspects of their roles in the anticipated film. Mackie was wanting to keep his large build, which he had for his part in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain, for the role of Falcon, even wanting to increase his size, but the higher-ups squashed that idea pretty quick. Instead, the actor “shredded” himself up and got rid of all his body fat. That works too. More importantly, however, the actor was aked if Falcon would have is winged compatriot Redwing in the film. In the comics, the bird and Falcon are telepathically linked, allowing for the hero to get a bird’s-eye view of things, so to speak.

“No, the way the Falcon was created…he was created in three  incarnations,” Mackie answered. “And we went with the more military aspect  of him as opposed to the superhero earlier aspect. So there is no bird.”

That’s a bit of a bummer, as that would have been an interesting trait and partnership to see on the big screen. But at least we know he’ll take to the skies in some fashion. At this point, VanCamp and Grillo joined the conversation. Grillo seems to revel in the fact that his character, real name Brock Rumlow, doesn’t have super powers. That doesn’t mean he can’t handle his own in a fight. It’s his drive and commitment to a task that makes him so formidable.

This is a guy who has very little fear, very little fear and has a mission and  is kind of…has tunnel vision when it comes to the mission. And whether they’re superheroes or not, it’s irrelevant to him. He  does what he does. That’s why I…I mean, when I first met with them and they  explained to me who the character was and then I went and kind of found the  origin of Crossbones and Rumlow…it really excited me, because I don’t have  superpowers. And yet I kick the shit out of a lot of superheroes.”

emily-vancamp-captain-america-2-female-lead-02Hopefully, we get to see him put the beat-down on a few folks int he film. But, it sounds like Crossbones also takes a beating in the film and VanCamp’s Sharon Carter may be the person to hand it to him. Her character has been an on-again-off-again love interest for Captain America, whether or not we see that aspect of the story has yet to be seen, but one thing we do know is that Agent 13 kicks some serious ass in the movie, including Crossbones.

“He gets his ass kicked in the movie by everybody! By everybody!” exclaimed  Mackie at one point.
“By everybody, including Emily?” I asked.
“It’s interesting you should say that,” responded Grillo, looking at VanCamp.
“I can’t say anything,” she said.
“Can’t say anything, but it is  interesting you should say that,” he continued.

VanCamp goes on to explain that her character will be rather mysterious, mainly due to the fact that she is just being introduced and to not expect to know a lot about her by the end of the film. It’s interesting how vague and secretive she is being about the role. Granted, it could be nothing more that the usual Marvel gag orders they like to place on everyone, or her character may have a bigger part in the overall story and she can’t give too much away without spoiling some things. She does promise that there will be a few surprises involved though.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set for release next summer and stars Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Redford, Emily VanCamp, Frank Grillo, Toby Jones and Hayley Atwell.




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Source : Hitfix