The Weekly Dose #8 – I’ll Be Missing You


The Weekly Dose #7 nerdgasmic podcast left 2 incapacitated in its wake, but continues to gain more. Tyrone reminisces about his late friend that became a Walker delicacy. Wait, who’s Tyrone? Meanwhile, Agent Burgos attends Tuscon Comic Con and lays down an interview on the drive with Sina Grace and S.S Struble. Lawanda gains electrical-based powers and takes on the web head in his 2nd outing (or 5th if you’re technical freak). We discuss our comic picks of the week and many more, if we can stay on topic. Mickey Mouse Prime, Disneybots activate.

The Weekly Dose is a weekly comic book podcast prescribed by Comic Book Therapy. Every episode our hosts discuss the latest news in comics and the comic community in general. Once in awhile, we’ll even get a special guest interview from someone in the industry.

Genre: Comic Book Podcast | Updates: Weekly | Duration: 60 minutes | Subscribe: iTunes

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