The Walking Dead Ups The Zombie Level With A New Tiny Terror


walking dead bannerI think you can probably guess what we’re referring to in the title, but if you didn’t connect the dots and you don’t want to know a single thing about the zombies in season 4 of The Walking Dead, then you need to turn back right now and not look at the picture below! If you do want to learn about a zombie that will debut in the premiere episode this October, then read on.

The survivors in the world of The Walking Dead have seen a lot of different zombies. One thing they haven’t run across just yet is a zombie baby.   That will change in the season premiere according to TV Guide. Danai “Michonne” Gurira teased the fact by saying “There’s a little hint of that in the premiere.” Director, executive producer,zombie baby and zombie guru Greg Nicotero said the show almost went there in season 3 when Daryl and Maggie found baby formula in a day-care center. However, it was Walking Dead creator (and usually highly secretive) Robert Kirkman who confirmed the baby zombie appearance:

It’ll be something different from the baby who was seen in Dawn of the Dead remake, which was horrific and done so well. There’s still room for us to do something different and cool.

There have been children zombies for a while. Rick capped a tiny girl zombie in the pilot episode, so a baby isn’t too big of a jump. Now it’s highly doubtful that Judith aka Little Ass Kicker will be the zombie in question, but someway somehow we will see a baby zombie. To play devil’s advocate, the season premiere hasn’t been locked in just yet so there is a small chance a tiny flesh eater may not make it to the screen. Regardless, this signals that Nicotero and his crew are upping their zombie game this season. What do you think about the proposed new zombie?

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Source : TV Guide