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OOHHHH…. The heartache with Daryl!! Last week’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD…WOW… For some fans across the country and AROUND THE WORLD, it was a real tug on the ole’ tears. It’s definitely more darkness at the doorstep for Rick and the gang at the prison from there on out. While the choice in taking Michonne as the bargaining chip for the Governor becomes an issue for Rick to decide, Merle takes matters into his own hands with her. Still in the end of it all, Merle makes a personal ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to take down the Governor and his henchmen himself.

The Prognosis begins NOW!!

We begin meantime, the gang are distracting walkers at the fences in order to bring supply “envoy” vehicles with the gang through the main gate. Glenn is out laying out barbed wiring as well, adding his notes on preparations for battle, but Michonne notably suggests they do not have to win, just make getting at them harder than what its worth.  The story builds with Rick in secret meeting at the back end of the Prison with Daryl and Hershel revealing a possible ultimate decision to turn over Michonne for the greater good of the gang at the prison and they have to follow through and if so, today. Daryl notes to Rick to have a plan on how to do it as will not be an easy decision because it is not the way they do things with good people. Rick then gives over the decision to Merle to ask for his help in this. Merle even finds this a bit cold himself, given what he knows what the Governor might do to her.  Merle also doesn’t feel Rick has the guts to really go through with this as well here, implying Rick really has a decision to make.   Carol and Merle later talk out about their differences and Merle prods her about the timid way she used to be, Carol stands off quietly that things have changed and that Merle needs to figure where his loyalties are, Merle makes his loyalty convictions by his brother.



The Walking Dead Season 3/episode 15 Promo, “This Sorrowful Life”


Glenn and Daryl go over how Merle is, Daryl goes with the notion to Glenn to give Merle a chance to redeem himself and Glenn reiterates how Merle beat him down and gave Maggie to the Governor for him to terrorize when they were both captured in Woodbury. Glenn implies it will be hard for him to forgive Merle. Merle and Daryl then have a talk about the bargain with Michonne, then it goes recalling the issues with Glenn and Maggie. Merle realizes and notes everyone is looking at him as a monster when they should be looking at themselves for aiming to betray and trade Michonne over. Elsewhere, Hershel quotes a passage from PSALMS 91:3 in reflection of what is about to come about while Rick makes preparation, struggles with his thoughts on betraying Michonne, and “sees” Lori once again, forcing him to rethink the whole issue. Rick decides he cannot go through with it and tells Hershel.  Meantime, Merle and Michonne go through on attacking some walkers that made it through one area of the Prison. During the brief melee, Merle knocks out Michonne and preps her for transport out of the prison quietly.


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Merle in dark thought with Rick’s plans…


Michonne and Merle walk out quietly all the while evading the others. Meantime, while making decisions and preparations to go to war with the Governor, Rick means not to take in Michonne after all, tells Hershel and Daryl but yet discover Merle and Michonne apparently gone. They presumed the deal is being fulfilled by Merle, and Daryl offers to track down Merle alone. Meantime, at Hershel’s bed cell, Hershel and Glenn have a meaningful man-to-man talk about what they are about to face and the future, with Glenn declaring his intentions to marry Maggie as she means the world to her. Hershel give his blessing off the bat, Glenn thankful, moves back on duty.


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Michonne’s trade off!


Next, Merle procure a car, Merle accidentally sets off the auto alarm when hot-wiring it and draws walkers to them both. Both Merle and Michonne fortunately are able to fend off the attacks.  After which, they make off the rest of the way to the “treaty” compound in it.  Michonne makes her case that this will probably not solve anything with the Governor but Merle insists on setting forth.  Michonne eventually dis-ways Merle’s convictions on taking her in and that this will make no change and Merle decides to do the unexpected. He pulls off the road and lets her go, then leaves…


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Sniping for the greater good…


Daryl eventually runs into Michonne and asks what became of Merle, she mentions just being let go. We find Merle hanging out at one outpost inside the car, in contemplation of what to do next, taking one last bottle of booze and jamming to Motor-head’s “Damaged Case” while a swarm of walkers futilely rap and clamor around the vehicle. In a very surprising final move, Merle secretly heads off back to the “treaty” compound where the trade for Michonne was expected and battle the Governor and his alone…well, slowly luring walkers to his car to create an ambush for the Governor and his men.  The Governor’s troops arrive and start shooting the ambush of walkers while Merle, using the ambush as a distraction, begins sniping the henchmen. Unfortunately, a walker distracts Merle and forces him to push it out into the open.  In the process, the remaining henchmen discover he is the source of the snipe attacks and begin beating him. The Governor then pulls him up away from his own lackeys and gets into a personal brawl with Merle.  Unfortunately, the Governor is too much for Merle to take on as he(Governor) mercilessly bites his(Merle’s) fingers off, beats him down and then shoots him dead.



Endearing committments… =)


Meantime, at the prison, Glenn goes to check on Maggie and the two have a moment commit to each other with Glenn’s proposal in giving her an “engagement ring”. Rick, confesses his secret proposal made by the Governor to the rest of the gang and that Merle went ahead and took Michonne on his own and Daryl is after them.  Rick re-affirms that he need to make their team effort of survival A TEAM EFFORT. Rick then does watch from the tower and smiles in relief as he spots Michonne is returning after all.


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An UNWELCOME sight for Daryl!


Meantime, Daryl makes his way finally the treaty compound on what appears a day later, to find devastation from a firefight and sadly, tragically, that Merle has become a WALKER!  Daryl suddenly is overcome with grief and loss at this sight and proceeds to shove back on walker Merle and then kill him using several fierce blows to the head with his hunting knife. After which, he breaks down beside Merle’s corpse and cries.


Merle Daryl cry



Wow, how heartbreaking… This week’s episode touched the hearts of millions of viewers, not many dry eyes that last Sunday night.  But now, we are heading into, no doubt, EVEN darker times with Between Rick and the gang at the Prison and the evil Governor of Woodbury and henchmen. The beginnings of the war will now start to brew. But with this last stand off, even with the likes of Merle, the most hated among the gang for his past sins against the group, getting killed making the ultimate sacrifice…will we see darker colder attitudes for bloodthirsty revenge…particularly Daryl?  And what of the latest news with Andrea and her predicament as she was not even present and noted in this episode? Is she in holding for now and/or has she been tortured and handled with?  What is just going to be the next step for EVERYONE here on out? We find out tomorrow night on the Season 3 Finale, Episode 16, “Welcome to the Tombs”!!

Catch the Promo and Sneak for the Season Finale below here!

The Walking Dead Season 3/Episode 16, Promo “Welcome to the Tombs”, Season Finale


The Walking Dead Season 3/Episode 16, Sneak Peek “Welcome to the Tombs”, Season Finale


Fates will be decided for the end of this season and onto Season 4 in October. Catch the Season 3 Finale of THE WALKING DEAD on tomorrow, Sunday, March 31st, at 9/8c on AMC.


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