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Walking Dead at Prison

Well, it looks like we are in for a real war on the show… So much went on the table with the long anticipated personal meet between Rick and the Governor. They went straight to the terms of what they wanted, bickered it out, somewhat casually, and all it what came down to was a silent declaration of war unless supposed certain terms and conditions are met with the Governor. All Too UNFAIRLY one-sided for Rick and the gang’s comfort…WE ALL KNOW THAT!!



It’s not a party, picnic, and it DEFINITELY IS NO PEACE TREATY!!


It started with a meet-out with Rick and Daryl scoping out the territory for the meeting, weapons DRAWN!! Hershel prepares for defense the same in the getaway car, packing some serious heat! A meeting is then made with the Governor popping out from the shadows and noting to Rick they need to talk. Sour words pass between them at first, and Rick draws his gun on the Governor. Andrea tries the diplomatic route but the Governor immediately throws the plan aside. Words soften as they talk, the Governor tries a bit whiskey for both of them to lighten the talks (I thought for sure he would try to poison Rick…heheh..WOW, he did not.) But not matter what came to pass in their discussion, it came down to somewhat uncompromising deals with Rick or War between Rick and his gang against the Governor and his henchman. Meantime, Daryl, Hershel, and Andrea, get spend time get acquainted with Milton and Caesar, the Governor’s own henchmen, all the while killing a few loose walkers the same. Milton, true to form, being too timid to fight effectively against them, has the others take the battle thereon. Caesar, being on the other disturbing extreme, takes delight in batting the walkers quite viciously to the head, while Andrea looks in disgust at his approach, and Daryl intervenes to kill the walkers “more humanely” with his crossbow and arrows.



Daryl, outside the window, looking out for Rick’s safety at the meet or…take out the Governor if necessary.


Meantime, at the prison, there is a dicension among rank with deciding what to do in the impending possibility for war with the Governor. Glenn and Merle fight it out for a short time over the issues, but it is all immediately restrained by Michonne and Maggie. On the lighter side of things, Glenn and Maggie make up and make whoopie…Heheh..

All said and done again, Rick and the Governor leave the meeting compound with little to no immediate resolve. Rick is left with an unnerving proposition from the Governor to turn over Michonne to him to keep the peace, or leave no alternative but to fight. Rick returns to relay the rather stressing news about this dilemna. They are looking to fight. Andrea looking distressed, tries to mellow a truce, but no luck. On the other side at Woodbury, Milton tries to reason with the Governor on the matter the same, but the Governor lighthearedly condescends the matter aside on him and walks off to his headquarters waiting for the next two days and Rick’s decision.


Promo for last week’s pivotal “Arrow on the Doorpost” (Season 3, episode 13) episode!


Looks like next episode, we expect WAR AFRONT!! But here are the thoughts and questions afront: Do you think some last minute changes in game a re about? Do you think Michonne will offer herself to call a truce and be used a “trojan horse” to get in and take down the Governor? Things are going good with Glenn and Maggie once again… If war breaks out there, is this a sign something bad is to happen to one of them soon for “tragic elements sake”? Will Milton have or eventually have the sack to defy or betray the Governor as he(Milton) further disagrees with his violent motives against Rick, Andrea(being she sides back with them), and the gang at the Prison?

Whatever the results, we shall find out tonight!!

Here is a promo and a sneak peak at tonight’s episode!

The Walking Dead 3×14 Promo “Prey”


The Walking Dead 3×14 Sneak Peek “Prey”


Only three more episodes until the end of Season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD. Be sure to watch them all…

Next week, we resume the regular combo prognosis with SUPERNATURAL again along with THE WALKING DEAD after this week. Catch a new episode of the THE WALKING DEAD, tonight, Sunday, March 17 at 9/8c on AMC. And also, don’t forget SUPERNATURAL returns Wednesday, March 20, with a new episode at at 9/8c on the CW.


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