The Walking Dead Season 3 Set Visit Report


Well, you all probably having Walking Dead withdrawals, and thats understandable. I know its hard, but worry not, because filming for the fourth season started on May! Time surely flies!

So what are your thought on season 3? This past season was full of surprises and, we got to see some characters die, which is not a surprise right?

But we got to see some old characters return. One of them was Morgan (Lennie James),who we haven’t seen since Season 1.

This was one of my favorite episodes because It was full of emotion, action, and suspense.

Also I had the opportunity to visit the set while they were filming this episode.

Last August I got invited to go to Atlanta, Georgia to visit the set and I gotta tell you, it was a great experience. It was my first time ever visiting a set so I had a blast. The production crew was so friendly and professional they made me feel like I was at home.

The set visit took place on August 30, 2012 so you can imagine how hard has been for me to not talk about it to anyone. AMC is very secretive and I totally understand why. They want to make sure we don’t spill any details at all, so you have to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which basically states that if you talk about what you see on the set before you are supposed to, you can be fined a big amount of money, I believe around 1 million dollars, can’t remember but the bottom line is that I do not have that kind of money so I just stayed quiet for months hehe.

After they picked us up, we went on a tour of the City of Woodbury. Yes Woodbury. I noticed something funny. They were signs posted on the grass that said: “Thank to the city of Senoia for not cutting the grass” or something along those lines. And yes the grass was pretty long.

We also passed by the Governors house, which is not a real house. It was built specifically for the show, and I have to tell you, it looks pretty real and authentic.

The AMC rep, explained to us that the all the stores that appear in the show, are actually real stores, AMC built back doors for the businesses, so they can continue operating as usual while they are filming. That way they don’t lose customers, on the contrary, it attracts more tourism and helps out the economy.

Then we proceeded to go to a brand new set. We were the first ones to w we be there, as far as press goes. See, the thing is that we were suppose to visit on a different day, but due to the weather they had to change the schedule at the last minute, which it worked out because we got to see a very spoilerific scene and a character that we haven’t seen in a while: Morgan.

We walked upstairs to this house and we started seeing the guns, bullets, writings on the wall and all that. My mind was racing, I had no idea what we were going to witness.

After walking through some rooms we arrived to the room were we were going to stay for a bit.


We met with then show runner, Glen Mazzara, which was a great guy to talk to. Also Scott Gimple who wrote the episode. We all introduced ourselves and then proceeded to have a seat and watch as the acne was being recorded. Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs ( I was able to say hi to his dad also whom I’ve met before) Danai Guarira and Lennie James.

On Episode 312 If you remember , we get to see Rick carrying Morgan inside his apartment while unconscious. Carl and Michonne follow, and after Rick ties Morgan with zip lines, they proceed to have a conversation. We see Michonne eat a granola bar, and Carl talking about going to get a crib for his baby sister Judith.

I had no idea how much time did it take to film a simple scene, but is not as simple as I thought. They had to do different takes, different angles and all that.

At one point a train passed by and interrupted a scene between Rick and Carl, and Rick’s response after hearing the train pass by was hysterical. I really hope it makes the Blu ray extras!

As I was saying, there was a lot of takes, which meant that Danai had to eat a lot of granola bars, if was kind of funny.

So we had a chance to talk to Chandler Riggs, which was pretty good, because he did an amazing job at not spoiling the past episodes for us ( obviously he had just killed his mother in the show) and answer a lot of questions. He was a really nice kid.

We then talked to Danai Guarira, and let me tell you gentlemen, she is beautiful. When she is not in character and looking tough and menacing, she really looks fantastic, and she has beautiful skin. Ok I’m sounding like Buffalo Bill now.

Like I was saying we had a chance to interview her and talk about the show and her experience in the set.

Then we sat down with Glen Mazzara, we talked about the show, the cast, what plans they had and all that fun stuff.

We then proceeded to go to lunch. The food was delicious and once again we saw Chandler and Danai there.


After our little lunch break, we went to Raleigh studios. We went inside, saw lots of cool posters and pictures they has on the wall and proceeded to go to the prison. This is we’re it gets really interesting. Viewers might thing that it’s a real prison, but no it is not. It’s a set, built from scratch.

We were all in awe, because we actually got to be in there! We walked the cells and even went inside the cells. The quality of the props it’s amazing, it really fools you. I have to say they have some great carpenters and construction crew, it’s all top notch.

The yard area is pretty big just like you see it in the show. We saw the school bus outside, the tower which is also a set piece meaning that you have to be lifted in order to get to the top.

After walking through the prison and outside, we went back inside and talked to Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus. I saw Scott Wilson outside and talked to him very briefly.
They were really nice and took their time answering the questions we asked.

Overall it was a great experience. I was lucky to be invited to the set. The whole crew, production, writers, show runner, actors, camera man etc were very professional and totally nice to us.

Now all we have to do is wait until October. The wait will be worth it.
Trust me.

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