The Russo Brothers Talk Cap’s New Suit & Fighting Style; Says The Winter Soldier Will Tie-In Closer To Age Of Ultron Than The Avengers


CapsuitWith studios needing to bank on toy sales to boost their bottom dollar, a lot is made over which costume we will see in superhero films. None more so than Captain America, who really only has a couple different options.

While at Comic Con, Joe and Anthony Russo touched a little bit on Cap’s new costume for his next solo outing, The Winter Soldier. “It was, it’s thematic for the film, you know. You’ll see when you see the movie what he’s doing and who he’s working for in the beginning of the film, that costume is appropriate for what they’re asking him to do. It is a stealth outfit. It is for secret missions and I think that, you know, it’s thematic. You know, you read online, people get wrankled when you, you know, mess with the stars and the stripes, but there’s a very specific reason we did it in this film,” said Joe. He also went on to day that he wont talk about any of the other outfits in the film, but that they play a role, and there is a thematic arc to it all.

Also they said Cap will take on a new fighting style in the movie. They were asked if since fighting styles have changed over the last 70 to 80 years if that would effect the way Steve does battle. “Absolutely,” said Joe. “That was really important to us going into the film. We felt like this is a year after the Avengers. Cap is a very sharp individual and part of the serum accelerates his learning ability and if he’s going to be working for who he’s working for at the beginning of the movie, then we felt that he would be the absolute best at every style of fighting that he could be and that he would train himself to be the best to fit into a modern society. The first film, it makes sense that he’s got that sort of John Sullivan approach to fighting because he was a kid off the street plucked to be a super soldier. Now, he’s trained. He’s trained exhaustively among some of the best people in the world. So, you see all sorts of movement out of him and we did a lot of intensive research with our stunt team, a lot of pre-fight videos and things that we’re really experimenting with how he would move in this movie, how he would fight. I think people will be really shocked when they see his style of fighting.” Anthony added what I am sure makes every fan happy, “He kicks a lot of ass in this film.”

In Iron Man 3 we saw Tony struggle with the events of The Avengers. Burying him self in his work to make hundreds upon hundreds of suits. Will Steve have a tough time dealing with it like Tony? As of right now it’s difficult to say, but Joe said there will be some political waves felt due to The Avengers. He then went on to say, “But narratively it’s much closer to Avengers 2. And sets up a really big shift in the universe for Avengers 2. So, I think, story wise, about a year has passed.”

With not knowing too much about Thor: The Dark World, it looks as if Captain America: The Winter Soldier, might be our first big step towards The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. With the rumors of Cap braking in to the Smithsonian and taking his First Avenger Costume back, it seems as if they might also be taking this movie full circle. Whatever the case may be, make sure you check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest.

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