The Psychotic Rants Of AlbinoDarkBeast: Invincible Returns #1 Review


The greatest perk of writing for a comic book web site is not, as most of you may falsely believe, hanging out with hot women on fast cars and passing out on vodka and red-bull every week with all the awesome writers and artists. It IS cool, but nowhere near as cool as the geekgasmic fact that we get to read great works of art about 2 weeks before you do.

This week, Agent Burgos sent my way Invincible Returns #1. I’ve always loved Invincible, ever since its debut in 2003. Unfortunately, Image titles are hard to come by in Mexico, so I kinda lost track of it for a while.

I had to Wik…*ahem* do some extensive research to come up to speed with the continuity of the series, which set me back a few days from writing this review. It was, as always, a delightful task.
Invincible Returns #1 brings us good ol’ Mark in his classic disguise, prior the events of the Viltrumite War. Written by Robert Kirkman and penciled by Ryan Ottley and Corey Walker, the book delivers its well-known graphic violence around a complelling and intricate story. As of late, Mark’s character has matured, from Spider-man-in-Clark-Kent’s-body-in-Smallville to something different and unique, and I’m liking it.
There are few surprises, plot-wise, in this issue. It’s almost a recap of everything that’s happened in the past 2 years, mixed with a little catharsis. It does, however, set the right tone for the upcoming violence.

In graphic terms, the book has also improved, with more detailed backgrounds than its previous issues, although the coloring seems a little off at times. And the fact that two great artists pencil the same book, makes it feel like they’re sometimes fighting over the spotlight.
Overall, it is greatly executed, with clean, ordered panels that offer a very comfortable read and a great balance between space and text. No misplaced bubbles block the view of the great art, but there’s still enough text and data in every panel to make you jump in on the story, regardless of your commitment to the book in previous issues, and saves you the pain of feeling like you’re being treated like an ignorant.
I do hope that, in the future, they take advantage of Francisco Plascencia’s great work and make the coloring more detailed, without losing the great feel the book has delivered so far. And I also hope they kill little Oliver, I’ve hated his annoying blue guts ever since he uttered his first words.

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