The Psychotic Rants Of AlbinoDarkBeast: Invincible #78 Review


My apologies for the two-month absence, readers, but in my defense, I was actually saving limbs and ruining lives.  I’d show you pics, but there’s kids reading this website.

This week I had the amazing opportunity to review several upcoming (and upstanding) comic books, and thanks to Agent Burgos’ incessant nagging, I got off my couch-embedded butt and started typing.

Of all the great titles sent my way this week, Invincible #78 inexplicably stuck to my mind to a greater degree. I’ve long been a fan of Robert Kirkman’s work, yet at first, Invincible struck me as a Spiderman rip-off on kryptonite steroids. Fortunately, the book quickly matured and developed in great directions, both in writing and drawing.

Invincible #78 follows Mark’s decisions as protector of Earth immediately after the Viltrumite War, depicting his coping with the fact that he pretty much just made a pact with Satan as the battle reached a stalemate. It’s not riddled with the usual action and gore found throughout the books, and while I have to admit the gore is what kept me reading Invincible in the first place, it’s nice that the characters have an occasional weekend off to catch up with their lives.

As usual, the artwork is great, with some impeccable use of perspective to give every panel depth and emotion without over doing the styling. The colors and inks are flawless but, then again, it’s impossible to screw up on digital media, isn’t it?

As much as I love invincible, though, some negative things stand out. First, the issue is really no more than a semi-slow commute between great fights, as characters –both major and minor- dwell around their own sub-plots, making sense of their own stories after the hiatus brought on by the war. And this could be a good thing, if only the sobbing spanned for another issue to give everyone a chance to delve into their past. Instead we get 2 pages for each character, cluttering the page with tedious dialogue and limiting the graphic exposure.

Second, as I’ve stated before, the coloring is flawless from a technical perspective, yet is a bit lacking from an esthetical point of view. There’s a minimal use of shadow and contrasts throughout the books, and the backgrounds are still overly simplistic. While this may provide some amazing contrast between violent and non-violent panels in an action-packed issue, it does little for a book that deals mainly with emotional concerns.

Oh, and Atom Eve is a cow now. And still no explanation as to why she’s not showing a proper pregnant phenotype.

Overall, I can’t say I recommend this particular issue. It’s a coin toss, guys. It does have some relatively important facts to get before whatever mayhem rains on the characters in the near future, but it’s not as entertaining to read as other issues. I just hope whatever comes up is epic.

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