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Well folks… WHAT A SEASON it is turning out to be for BOTH, THE WALKING DEAD and SUPERNATURAL…two of television’s biggest horror fantasy adventure dramas. War has been officially declared on both ends with each show.

First, on Supernatural with the Winchesters, Kevin, and Cas’ against the now more vicious treachery of Crowley and his attempts to either stop the closing of hell’s gates or gain the upper hand on Heaven with the angel tablet.  We move on with The Walking Dead, now with the evil Governor of Woodbury drawing major blows against Rick and the gang at the Prison.

Excitement abounds for both and we at Comic Book Therapy will be there, watching up on how things progress.  Starting with our new weekly feature… “The prognosis with DocBBanner”, which will attempt to analyze these two shows’ directions and ask the simple up to sometimes controversial and unspeakable afterthoughts and questions about where a character, characters, or the show story’s present state is or might/will be heading sooner or later.  If you are a hardcore fan of either show and cannot get enough talking about the current state of affairs or what might happen next on one or both, this column is for you.

Give us your comments after each question feature in the comments section below.

(WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS. If you have not been watching Supernatural Season 8 or The Walking Dead Season 3, DO NOT GO FURTHER.)

On with the buzz…


Sam guts the hellhound!! Yeah!!

Sam guts the hellhound!! Yeah!!



Like I said in earlier times…what an amazing and long saga the Winchesters have had.  And the road continues on…with the new war against Crowley on the brew and the chance for Sam, Dean, and their allies to end the demon scourge once and for all eternity, SPN has given itself some amazing new legs to run with this season.  The big talk and thought we at Comic Book Therapy have for this week on SPN is on the recent twist in Sam’s sudden ordainment into closing hell’s gates (instead of Dean making the noble sacrifice himself).  Sam, having successfully killed a hellhound, bathed in its blood, and reciting the Enochian chant, has sealed his fate in performing the remaining group of “God’s Trials” inscribed on the Word of God demon tablet.  However, the process to completing his first trial, proved to be a slight degree painful too..Hmmm…

Afterthought and questions:

As we are nearing the home stretch on Season 8’s finish, we have to wonder will Sam successfully complete the remaining trials and will he actually survive or indeed die at season’s end or before?  Might he die before completing the trials at some point?  With a go-ahead at CW for a Season 9, its anybody’s guess where it all will go.  Give us your thoughts and let’s talk!


Sneak peek promo of last week’s SUPERNATURAL episode.


Rick's heart pounding closest call becoming Walker grub or one himself!

Rick’s heart -pounding closest call becoming Walker grub or one himself!



Wow, the war with that psychotic governor of Woodbury and his loyal gunmen against Rick and company at the Prison has officially begun with a shootout and an unspeakable storm of the Prison gates and releasing a “Walker Bomb” from an armored delivery van.  All this being part of a massive retaliation scheme for the shootout at the Woodbury night fight games to rescue Merle, and Daryl from the Governor.  Outside of poor prisoner fellow Axel taking it in the head, the casualties were nil.  But now our heroes are left with a breached entry gate and still loose walkers around one end perimeter of the prison…NOT GOOD.  We are left to wait for next Sunday…for more STUFF.  (SIDENOTE: By the way, who thought that last second save by Merle and Daryl for Rick ambushed by walkers and pinned against the gate was AWESOME?  I thought he was a goner…)

AND speaking of…err..STUFF…we do have some more Rick to talk about.  Folks, we all know it has been brewing, and brewing it shall continue to do so. As some of you TWD fans already know, Rick is and has been starting to show signs of cracking under pressure.  Pressure, mainly from the responsibility of leading his “family” through all their ordeals and coming to terms with the secrets, lies, and the infidelity of Lori with Shane (not to mention their deaths) along with the baby daughter she left behind.  This has led to bringing on Rick seeing visions of either Lori or Shane(mostly Lori) at any given time. Sometimes this occurs by communication on the phone, or seeing them as a face in the crowd or face-to-face.  This has led to a couple of odd moments with Rick dealing with the others when his visions get in the way or when others are noticing his odd behaviors elsewhere around the prison. Lately, with Michonne catching Rick in a delusional moment with seeing Lori outside the compound gates, and lastly, with Herschel catching him gadding about the Prison perimeter, questioning his business, and Rick trying to rebuff with a very stale excuse.  And the “I’m doing stuff…” excuse line became an overnight humor sensation on social media and posted memes all around.

All this said, it was simply noted by TWD head co-creator Robert Kirkman on TALKING DEAD that Rick’s visions of Lori in particular are just a by-product of Rick looking at a more happier time in his life. But with Rick’s leadership noted as being in question in episode 11’s sneak peek, we at CBT are starting to see this issue as a little more than just that…

Here is our afterthought and questions to all:
Should Rick look to step down temporarily, permanently, or share the leadership with Glenn and/or Daryl?   If Rick continues this way he is, is he really headed for a complete mental breakdown or psychotic break?

(Personal sidenote: If there really is something to these visions, maybe there is something supernatural afoot to all that is happening and maybe a far off distant answer to all going on with the Walker epidemic?   Not even remotely likely I know, but I can’t stop entertaining the idea there maybe more going on here…)


Sneek peek promo of last week’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD

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Now we just wait until next episodes for both hit shows and see what transpires… Catch a new Supernatural episode, tonight on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 9/8c on the CW. Catch a new episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 9/8c on AMC.




We appreciate the answers, comments, and feedback in the below page section here to this feature.  Catch us again on the Prognosis for SUPERNATURAL and THE WALKING DEAD again next week!



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