The Mystery Of Brian Michael Bendis’ Secret TV Project Deepens


marvelFor the past few months writer Brian Michael Bendis has been occasionally teasing readers of his Tumblr page about a secret TV project he’s working on. Last week he replied that he couldn’t really be involved with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. because he was too busy with the Powers TV show, the Spider-Man cartoon, and “something else you guys don’t know about yet.” We raised a few possibilities of what it could be (which you can read here), but everything changed when Marvel announced their new deal with Netflix to bring Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil to TV. Well Bendis took to his Tumblr yet again to tease the project in light of the recent announcement.

Bendis has been talking about a Jessica Jones series for years. The project was in various stages of production, and was once close to happening on ABC. When Marvel announced that they were bringing Ms. Jones to Netflix, many thought that meant Bendis would be involved. Well when a fan excitedly asked if the writer was working on the Jessica Jones series, and that they hoped Bendis was working on the Daredevil series, Bendis replied “Actually my secret television project is NOT the Jessica Jones Netflix show. Stay tuned.

If we want to debate semantics, Bendis said nothing of the Daredevil series. The writer had a famous run on the series, so it makes since that he may be one of the Daredevil writers to lend a hand to the new show. Then again it could be something entirely different like a new cartoon. It’s interesting that the writer said nothing of Daredevil. He’s a notorious tease, so he may well have worded it this way to drive people crazy. We know something is happening and we will probably hear about it soon. What do you think the project is? Will Bendis be involved with one of the other recently announced series?

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Source : Bendis Tumblr