The Man Of Steel Cast Are Asked If They’re Ready For Doomsday


superman doomsdayMan of Steel is proving its might at the box office, and we know a sequel is coming soon. Director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David Goyer left a few things dangling for the sequel, but the question on everyone’s mind is who Superman will battle next. Lex Luthor seems like a logical choice since Superman and Zod wrecked a lot of his buildings, but there is always the possibility it could be someone else. Henry Cavill has said in a few interviews that he would like to see villains like Brainiac, Bizarro, and Doomsday. He, and a few other members of the Man of Steel crew, were asked straight out about Doomsday in a recent interview.

Total Film got the chance to set down with Snyder, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Cavill and they asked when would be a good time to unleash Doomsday. Snyder kind of talked around the idea, Amy Adams said she would much rather have Bizarro so there would be two Cavills, but Superman himself said he’s ready to fight the beast. I think another punchy villain might not be the best idea considering we had Zod, but it would definitely be exciting to see Doomsday on the big screen. You could argue he’d make a better Justice League villain, but only time will tell how and if they’ll tackle the behemoth. What do you think?

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Source : Total Film via MTV