The Kevin Maguire Saga Continues: Bendis Snags Maguire For Guardians Of The Galaxy


GuardiansOfTheGalaxy_1_CoverIt has been a crazy few days for artist Kevin Maguire. Thursday the artist found out that he was pulled off the Justice League 3000 series that would have re-teamed him with writers J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen. Over the course of 6 confusing hours, Maguire wasn’t sure what was going on. He eventually got to chat with DC though. The company pulled him because they reportedly wanted to go with a “dark and gritty” take on the futuristic book. The publisher offered him a few more smaller projects, but nothing close to the scale of Justice League 3000.

Then yesterday his replacement was announced. Shortly after Howard Porter was revealed as the new artist, Maguire took to the Bleeding Cool message boards to say that he had turned down a Brian Bendis X-Men project (probably Battle of the Atom) to do JL3K. During the 6 hours of confusion, Maguire did have some Marvel guys (including Bendis) talking to him about potential projects. It looked like after he completed his backup projects and shorts for DC, he would be hopping over to Marvel to work on a different project with Bendis. Today the writer confirmed it on his Tumblr. Maguire will be working on Guardians of the Galaxy #10 and then probably something else. Said Bendis when asked about the rumors:

As I have made it very clear on this tumbler I think artists like Kevin are a national treasure and should be treated as such by publishers and readers alike. as Matt fraction said at dinner last night he is probably one of the most influential comic artists of this generation but doesn’t get enough credit for it. you can see his influence in a lot of places.

we have been talking about working together on an off for a while but the stars never aligned. I am not exactly sure what happened to him this week but I would like to thank whoever it was that made it possible for  Kevin to join me on guardians of the galaxy number 10. which I hope will be the first of many projects together.

I may have just announced something I wasn’t supposed to :-)

So Maguire has found another large scale project. While he probably won’t become the regular artist for Guardians, it does sound like it will be the first of several projects he’ll be discussing with Marvel. DC‘s loss is Marvel‘s gain. What do you think about Maguire and Bendis teaming up for Guardians? Do you hope this is the first of many Marvel projects for the artist?


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