The Heroes Of The DC Universe Will Face Off Against He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe In A New Miniseries


DC announced a monumental new miniseries today featuring the heroes of the DC Universe clashing with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The six-issue miniseries will be written by He-Man scribe Keith Giffen with art by Dexter Soy. After Skeletor barely escapes his last battle with He-Man, he flees to an unexpected realm to recover- Earth. Finding himself in a new location, Skeletor sets a plan in motion to steal the Earth’s magic. He-Man assembles a team to go after Skeletor. As you can guess from reading other crossover books, the Masters of the Universe will find themselves at odds with the DC heroes.

The writer of the miniseries spoke briefly with Buzzfeed about the series and what we can expect. Giffen touched on the crossover formula and how he wants to do things a little differently:

That seems to be the rule for team-ups; fight, talk, team up. I’m not saying there won’t be conflict between the MOTU and the DCU characters, just that we’re going to try to dodge the obvious cliches.

DC also unveiled the cover to the first issue from Ed Benes featuring the Masters of the Universe engaging in battle with the Justice League. Details for the series are scarce now, but it sounds like there will be more heroes involved than just the Justice League. One thing to notice when reading over things, there’s no mention of the New 52. It’s just the DC Universe. This makes me think there might be some funky twist revealing everyone is on a different type of Earth. Pure speculation on my part, but the lack of “New 52” in a press release is worth noting. DC Universe vs. The Masters of the Universe #1 hits stores August 28th. Will you be checking this one out?

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