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Yeah, I know. But shutup and read before you ruin it for someone else. After an ten hour shift at work, and finishing 2/3 of page 18 of my project Youth in Asia 6, I am here to give you the goods. Based on the millions of MMORPGers who spend BILLIONS of hours weekly playing various games that they not only spent their hard earned paychecks or allowances upon, but monthly subsciption fees as well. Well, fellow gamer and actress Felicia Day has got your back. Day decided that her world of online gaming was a great concept to base a show on. With it being such a niche market, Day took The Guild straight to the place where all gamers dwell, the internet. And five seasons later, the Knights of Good are still champions, if only in their minds.

Seasons 1 & 2, 2 disc set

The guild, the Knights of Good consist of Codex (played by Day) who is a sheepish and terribly awkward young woman with an addiction to online gaming; Vork, the cheap leader who steals both his dead uncle’s Social Security checks as well as his ailing nieghbor’s property and wifi; Tinkerballa, the nihilistic young woman who’s penchant for dealing out death online is only equaled by her taunting of her teammates; Clara, a housewife and mother who is so addicted to gaming that she neglects her children, husband and own sister’s wedding; Bladez, the high schooler, who’s greed and male modeling has gotten him in deep with both his guild and the Axis of Anarchy and then there’s Zaboo, perrenial momma’s boy and stalker of Codex whom he flirts with in game and maybe read things the wrong way.

The Guild, "the Knights of Good"

I heard about this show a while back and then streamed it on Netflix last year, before shelling out and buying copies of seasons 1-4 on Amazon. The group has even shot multiple music videos such as “Do you want to date my avatar?” a comedic song about how people can seem a lot sexier when they’re just pixels and a voice in your headset. I have to say I am a huge fan, despite not doing any online gaming and not being into turn based combat. Come to think of it I haven’t really used my PS3 for much more than a link to Netflix lately. And at one point I owned all the next gen consoles. But I sold my Wii for straight up cash to pay a debt, traded my XBox 360 to a friend for some awesome tattoos, and held onto the PS3. I even have an unopened copy of Batman Arkham City collecting dust on top of it. The reason being is I don’t want to play City before I finish Asylum. And at the rate I am churning out artwork for the upcoming Comic Con season, that might be a while.

The Guild, so good it has Memes!

But if you love awkward comedy, and you’ve always wanted to see Star Trek TNG’s Wesley Crusher be a total dick, while wearing a kilt than The Guild is the show for you. Each season is about an hour long. I know, I wanted more myself, but that’s what makes the show even better, waiting and wringing your hands in lust for the goofy crew of companions who just can’t get enough of their fantasy world. And I think we can all relate. For some of us, we throw ourselves into work. For others it’s movies. Most of us on here call comic books good rainy day, or hell, any day comfort reading for that matter. And I can relate to this on so many levels.

Professional wrestler Colt Cabana (real name S...

Professional wrestler Colt Cabana (real name Scott Colton) posing with a fan's "hammer" at XPW X (10th Anniversary Show) on August 22, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re new to the Hardcore Review, you may wonder, what makes it hardcore? Well, usually I am swearing up a storm and tend to write these things while I’m drinking. But what makes the Hardcore Review different at its core, is the grading system. I love professional wrestling. And I base my grades on moments in wrestling history. The more bloody, gratuitously violent, funny, great promo, or sex laden the more you need to read, watch or listen to whatever happens to be on the menu. Today I am going with professional wrestler Colt Cabana, who is an indy star and former WWE Superstar for about 5 minutes. What Vince and “creative” failed to see is Colt’s ability to bring comedy wrestling to the forefront. And his patened move of a simple flying hip attack that he calls, “the Flying @ssh*le.” It’s great as the fans love to chant along with Colt right before he executes it. Also, if you’re interested in Colt and his work you gotta check out his weekly podcast called, “The Art of Wrestling” where he sits down and talks with other wrestlers to find out what makes them, and the world of “sports entertainment” click. Go to or subscribe to it on itunes!

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