The Hardcore Rant: The Dark Knight Rises Target “Exclusive”


I haven’t done a Hardcore Rant in quite some time. And this one is due. As you comic book and movie fans no doubt know, The Dark Knight Rises just recently came out on dvd and bluray disc. As with many huge budget movies and what needs to happen a lot more with comic book movies in general, special editions with quality extras need to be a choice for us fans out there willing to spend a little extra. What does not need to happen is what happened with The Dark Knight Rises Target exclusive bluray three disc set.

While perusing the ginormous cardboard display with every possible variation available of Dark Knight Rises, I scoped the Target Exclusive, which features the bluray version of the flick, the bluray with special features, a dvd copy of the movie, an Ultra Violet download, which I mistook for a download of the *Mila Jovovich vehicle circa 2005/06ish. (*Editor’s Comment: HA!)

The extra that added five bucks to the total price, which I would have gladly not paid had I known it was a total rip, was a comic book prologue or prequel to the movie itself. I thought, “awesome. I’ll totally take a prologue of this epic.” But it wasn’t worth the extra money. And if you’re still in the market to get the final piece to the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy, just get yourself the three disc bluray set. Why? I’ll tell you right now. First off, the comic isn’t removable. It’s stuck in the packaging. It is super glossy, which makes it higher quality, I guess. And it’s NOT A FREAKING PROLOGUE TO THE MOVIE! It’s the opening scene where Bane and his men take over the small plane in mid flight.

There is nothing about this that gives information leading up the the start of the movie. So it’s totally not worth paying the extra money for. I guess for completists it may be worth it, but not for me. I’d much rather have that five bucks back. Thanks Target and Warner Brothers for completely misleading me and no doubt millions of other fans, jut to make some extra money. There are better exclusives to pay extra for. I hope you read this before you go out and get your copy.

This is the version I should’ve gotten.

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