The Hardcore Rant: Et Tu DC? Et Tu?


So, mere days after DC announced the cancellation of several titles, most if not all of which involved black lead characters, they decide to rub a whole lot of salt in the gapping, pus filled wound. The “geniuses” in charge decide to hire the most evil human being in the comic book industry (no not Todd McFarlane) to work creatively on three of the New 52 titles, Grifter, Savage Hawkman and of all things to have this man, if you can call a former Levis Jeans button fly man model that, you’re going to have him work on the character he blatantly ripped off in the early 1990’s, Deathstroke. The most bad ass character, super soldier there ever was, sorry Cap, but not really, who gets mocked monthly by the big wigs at Marvel. You know, the guys who’ve been bailed out more times than a sinking slave ship. You’re going to let the Milli Vanilli of comics work on Deathstroke? Seriously DC? Seriously?
Dc Comics

This is a COVER IMAGE…. he got paid for not drawing a hand

This is a so called artist who has dozens, if not more websites and blogs celebrating how completely horrible he is and has always been. I mean c’mon, he was a fraggin’ Levis Jeans model. I don’t even know if he’s ever taken a figure drawing class. He charges $350 for a head shot commission. But you can’t get him to draw Deadpool unless you pay $400. He won’t even sign a copy of New Mutants #98 for less than $40. Seriously. I sat next to a guy at Amazing Arizona Comic Con last year, and he told me he sold more Deadpool prints cause of how much of a douche Liefeld is. Can you believe that… for some reason you people have made him a lot of money, and he repays you, by slighting you at conventions, charging you absurdly retarded prices for head shots and he won’t even sign a book starring a character he ripped off from DC? And now, he’s getting to write and draw Slade WIlson.

Dc Comics

Sadly, I couldn't make this up if I wanted to.

People have attempted to question my claims as absurd and biased, and they are biased. But this is my editorial, so here goes my side of the story…
Deathstroke, debuted in New Teen Titans #2 in 1982, almost a decade before ‘Pool showed up 2 issues before New Mutants became X-Force. Deathstroke’s name is Slade Wilson. Deadpool’s name is Wade Wilson. Wade Wilson is a guy who was fully scarred by the process of giving him an artificial version of Wolverine’s healing factor. Slade is missing an eye, no doubt from battle, and not his origin. Deathstroke’s main advisary was the Teen Titans. While Deadpool didn’t really fight anyone, so much as mouthed off and kinda danced around in the backgrounds of massive guys who have veins running perpendicular to their appendages, guns as big as they are and millions of pouches on their thighs. Stroke is The Terminator. The man who is a Super Soldier who’s more true to his roots than fraggin’ Captain America. Oh and let’s not forget that abortion. What did they call it after Liefeld and company walked out to form a company based on a pretty facade and no foundation that is somehow still afloat (ahem, it was called Heroes Reborn, check out the super Cap boobies).

Dc Comics

Seriously? He got paid for this!

And we know it’s all because they weren’t businessmen in the first place and had no concept how to run comics from the inside. But back to bashing this fool.

Why would DC Comics, a company that had me so excited to be reading comics is now making me very effing sad about the past week in this industry? It’s no doubt, that Savage Hawkman, Grifter and Deathstroke are soon to be put on the chopping block. I mean, Mr. Terrific and Static Shock were probably lower in sales than most of the mainstream characters. But if DC is willing to put some money behind titles with minorities headlining them as they are with the titles they’re giving to Liefeld and it would’ve proven something to me.

But if they’re willing to put money right now over money in the future and redefining the cultural lines that comics has drawn over the last hundred years, I would be jumping for joy. But, I’m not, beause they’re willing to cut ties with a group of readers who will now have even less characters to relate to. This was a great time to be a comic book fan. A really great time. We had characters of both genders, and all walks of life to be able to read about from a mainstream company. And the future looked bright.

But now… I don’t even know. I had thought, honestly for about a nano second, to continue buying Deathstroke just to watch it fail like WCW in late 2000 and 2001. It would have been magical. I mean how many times have any number of companies tried rebooting Avengelyne? Like dozens. And each time, who buys it? That’s not a rhetorical question people. Seriously, email me if you are willingly to publicly admit this. I’ll post a list of you online and send Rob an email so he can publicly apologize to you all. I mean look at the work I have posted on here. This encompasses his career. His (thank Eisner I’m drinking now)  hasn’t gotten any better. And for whatever reason, I haven’t heard his eyesight or health is depleting. And this may be snarky, but if there was anyone in this industry OTHER than Rob Granito who’s health deserved to go the way of the Dodo.

Dc Comics

DC Comics, I give you Exhibit 5,000 in his career

Like some people who are still dramatically holding onto their youth of the early 90’s. These are the same kinds people who wore all black and vinyl in high school. And twenty years later, they’re fatter, uglier and saggier than they were then and they’re still wearing the fishnet tops and corsets that don’t come in sizes sold at the mall. These are the same type of people who pay $400 for a sketch of a character who is a blantant ripoff of a great character who is now going to be written and drawn by the man who raped him. Come to any booth I’m at at any con I attend and I’ll draw you whatever you want, except Deadpool, for a whole lot cheaper than Liefeld. Oh, and whoever I’m drawing, they’ll have feet.

Dc Comics

And hiding behind a rock, much like the action in a Kevin Smith script, are feet drawn by Rob Liefeld

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