The Falcon Takes Flight And Cap Suits Up In Latest Winter Soldier Set Pics


captain america winter soldier bannerCaptain America: The Winter Soldier has been filming in Cleveland the past few weeks and we’ve gotten some fantastic set pictures from photographers tracking the production. We’ve seen a lot of shots featuring Steve Rogers and the Winter Soldier engaging in fisticuffs, but the this week have given us our first real look at one of the other stars of the film. Anthonie Mackie has been filming some scenes as Sam Wilson aka The Falcon earlier this week. We see him doing some high flying action on a wire. The wings will be added in digitally in post production, so no telling exactly how they’ll look in motion. Once back on the ground, someone grabbed a close shot of what Falcon‘s wing pack looks like. We know he’ll get a tactical suit sometime during the film, but the fight scenes that have been going on with the Winter Soldier seem to take the crew by surprise. SteveNatasha, and Sam have had to fight in their street clothes. Steve (or his stunt double rather) did eventually suit up this week though.

Below the Falcon pics you can see the first clear shots of Cap‘s new suit. It’s more in line with the Agent Steve Rogers suit from the comics. He also has a helmet that exposes his ears. Many fans have been hoping against hope that he’d get a helmet that finally showed his ears. The rest of the pics show Steve using his shield to take on a Gatling gun, a candid shot of Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson inbetween takes, and a quick pic of Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier. Oh yeah, Black Widow and Cap share a kiss in the mall too. Those particular pics have taken the internet by storm in the past few days, but it seems Widow and Cap are just undercover and trying to blend in with the crowd. You can tell by their clothes and the fact Steve is wearing glasses. He’s a Super Soldier. His eyesight is pretty good. All the pics below come from, The Plain Dealer, and ComicBookMovie. What do you think about the first look at Falcon‘s wing pack and Cap’s new suit?

falcon 2

cap 4

cap 6

cap 1

cap 2

cap 5

cap 3

cap 7

gatlin gun

kiss 1

kiss 2

winter soldier


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