The Deadpool Killology Comes To A Close With Deadpool Kills Deadpool

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deadpool killsCullen Bunn has written two stories seeing a version of Deadpool laying waste to the Marvel Universe as well as characters from classic literature. The third entry in the Deadpool Killology will see Deadpool trying to kill…Deadpool. No, this isn’t a story about the internal struggle of Deadpool. The Deadpool from Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and the more recent Deadpool Killustrated will be trying to take out each and every version of Deadpool there is in the four-issue series kicking off this July. Bunn spoke with Newsarama about the new series.

With a name like Deadpool Kills Deadpool, there’s always a chance the title might not be as literal as some would hope. Bunn said there’s no need to worry about that:

It is very literal. One of the things that writers often hear when it comes to stories like Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, for instance, is, “Well, it takes place in an alternate universe, so it must not be important.” That was really the note I wanted to touch on when going into this series. In this series, the Deadpool that we see in the other two books — who, because it gets confusing, I’m calling “Dreadpool” — this insane Deadpool, who’s set about killing everyone, he’s tried to kill the Marvel Universe numerous times, he’s killed dozens of different alternate universe versions of superheroes. And he has tried to kill the inspiration for these superheroes, by going into this literary universe, and destroying the literary icons who inspired them. And none of that has helped him succeed in his mission of ending all things.

He has stumbled into the thought that he himself, the entity of Deadpool, is actually the progenitor of the comic book universe. So he believes that Deadpool is the key to destroying everything, and so, sets out to destroy every version of Deadpool in existence in the multiverse. And that includes the 616 Deadpool that we read about in the main series every month.

The 616 Deadpool won’t be sitting around waiting for “Dreadpool” to come knocking. Bunn says our Deadpool will be on the hunt to stop the murderous doppelganger. Dreadpool and Deadpool won’t be the only players on the board. Every Deadpool from all the alternate universes you can think of will be represented in some way:

You will see a lot of alternate universes that you’ve seen before, at least the Deadpools from those alternate universes. Dead Man Wade from the Age of Apocalypse, not to mention the Golden Age Deadpool, and Deadpool Noir. The Deadpool Corps plays a big role in the series, as well as a number of Deadpools that you have not seen before. If you consider this a war between good and evil, with our Deadpool representing good, and this homicidal Deadpool representing evil, you will see new Deadpools on both sides.

You can read the rest of the interview with Bunn by clicking here. So Bunn‘s Deadpool is now trying to take a run at his most dangerous game yet. With Deadpool fighting every version of Deadpool there is, this is the chapter of Killology fans don’t want to miss. What do you think about the idea? Will you be cheering for Deadpool or Deadpool?


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Source : Newsarama