The Day Ben Affleck Was Cast As Batman, And The Internet Showed Its True Colors


superman_vs_batman_poster_ben_affleck_henry_cavillWhile we were away dealing with some server issues, some pretty big news dropped, and unless you have been living under a rock you might have heard it. Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman. While a small number of people were excited about the news, most of the internet has thrown a temper tantrum the likes we have not seen for quite some time.

The report dropped on Friday with numerous big trade sites reporting that Affleck had been cast as the new Bat. However most of the details have come from The Hollywood Reporter. After Man of Steel hit theaters, and was a success, director Zack Snyder started gathering ideas for the next film. The biggest of these ideas was to include Batman in the sequel. Snyder immediately reached out to Affleck to gauge his interest in whether or not he would be willing to play The Dark Knight. As I’m sure many remember Affleck was given the opportunity by Warner Brothers to direct and star in Justice League (as Batman), but he turned it down. Affleck and Snyder talked about where they are going to take the character, and once Affleck was satisfied where they were heading, he let his representation step in to start negotiating the deal.

Once again when the news hit, internet fanboys embarrassed themselves by having somewhat of a meltdown on most social media outlets. Within the first hour of the announcement that Affleck will be putting on the cape and the cowl, 96,088 tweets were sent out. Normally those kinds of numbers aren’t that big of a deal with a big casting announcement like this; however, 71% of the tweets were negative. The rest of the numbers played out with 15% being positive, and 14% being mixes (Thanks to Variety for those figures). It’s also not just that the tweets were negative; they were downright brutal, with death threats, boycotts, and multiple other types of uncalled for, overly dramatic backlash.

tumblr_ms09heEAvf1qe4vh2o1_500Those that felt the brunt of this more so than others, are the social media accounts that try and keep fans up to date on news happening with the sequel to Man of Steel as well as what’s going on with the DC Movie Universe. Fans have embarrassed themselves by making threats to the various pages, even though they have nothing to do with the casting, as well as Affleck himself which is downright deplorable. “It’s a true embarrassment for fandom when the “fans” take to internet platforms and hurl the most horrendous insults and death threats over a casting.  It’s a black eye for all of us.  The lunacy of threats is being dealt with swiftly,” said Leslie, who is an Admin at the Man Of Steel Fan Page.

They aren’t the only ones experiencing stupid fan comments. The DCU Movie Twitter Page has been hit with a huge amount of fan displeasure and idiotic comments as well.  “The biggest truth about the Affleck backlash is, Comic Book Fans (and Culture Pop Fans in general) don’t know what they really want, how they want it, and they have never been completely happy for what they get.  As it was said in ‘The Wrap’: fans are becoming an army of Annie Wilkes,” they told me (click HERE for their full statement).  They also brought up the extremely valid point that we are living in the golden age of Superhero movies, and rather than sit back and complain, people should embrace that these films are even being made in the first place.

My own personal feeling is that fanboys and girls need to calm down. Affleck joins Michael Keaton and Heath Ledger as actors who were cast as popular Bat character that fans cried foul on. However, both actors ultimately won fans over with their legendary performances that are still talked about today. The fan community jumping to conclusions before there has even been one frame of film shot is nothing new. What is new however, is the role social media plays in allowing dumb fans to cross a line, and say things behind the protection of their monitor. While I wasn’t thrilled with the casting of Affleck (I am not displeased with it either) I am not going to threaten people, and throw a temper tantrum like a 2 year old. I will happily wait and see, and hope that I am proven wrong as I have really high hopes for this film.

The film is scheduled to start shooting in February of 2014 and will last until August of the same year. The release date for the movie will be July 17th 2015. While I doubt anyone will admit it, the internet has a really bad habit of making tough guys out of people, the World Wide Web needs to calm down and apologize to Affleck. Heath Ledger, as The Joker, said it best in The Dark Knight when he said “Why so serious?” These are movies people, if you are willing to say you’re going to kill someone because they were cast as one of your favorite characters, maybe it’s time to cut Ethernet cable, and join the rest of us in the real world who have bigger problems than Ben Affleck being cast as Batman to deal with. Regardless you can catch all the news related to Man of Steel 2 right here at Comic Book Therapy.

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