The Day After Review: Batman Inc #8


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Everything Grant Morrison has been planning since the start of BATMAN, INCORPORATED leads to this stunning issue

The much talked about Batman Incorporated #8 came out yesterday. Now that everyone’s had a chance to collect their thoughts, let’s take a look at what went down. The issue was written by Grant Morrison with art by Chris Burnham. Jason Masters and Nathan Fairbairn tackle colors with Taylor Esposito handling lettering. We all known what happens, so is the hype worth it?

damian coverThis issue is one extended scene where all the Batman Inc members face off against the forces of Leviathan. Damian has flown onto the scene and now he and Nightwing must try and stop Talia’s plan. Batman is still in a bit of a jam as he tries to escape the safe he’s been trapped in which is also plunged underwater. The biggest chunk of the story takes place as Nightwing and Damian partner up, leading to the fight that ends it all for our pint sized hero.

The death of Damian Wayne happens in some of the final pages of the issue and are even slightly underplayed. The page leading up to the death blow is a 20 panel fight between Damian and The Heretic (an adult Damian Clone). It’s a fantastic scene that Burnham masterfully lays out. Morrison may have gotten the headlines, but it’s Burnham that shines this issue. The unorthodox panel layout with its odd shapes and sizes helps sell the hectic pace of the issue. Morrison make an incredibly fun story, you know until Damian dies and stuff. The team-up with Dick Grayson and Damian is an absolute joy to read. The dialogue is superb as Damian says he and Dick were the best. Dick’s reply is fitting, saying “we can’t help being great.” Morrison almost comes full circle with the two, who partnered when Dick spent some time as Batman. The whole issue almost reads as a conclusion for the Morrison run. As the writer is winding his run down, he’s doing it with a bang.

Bottom Line: You either have or are going to get this issue. The good thing is that it’s actually good. It doesn’t rely on the death gimmick for its punch. Morrison writes a great script, but it’s Burnham that blows you away. It’s an incredibly fun issue until you get the gut punch that is the last 4 pages 4.5/5

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