The Colt Python: Rick Grimes’ Weapon of Choice


As I watch one of the best television series to grace the small screen in recent years, there is one thing that is always present and plays an big part in the series and is the never-failing companion of Rick Grimes and that is his side arm: the Colt Python. If you’re a lover of guns and live the by the Charlton Heston code, then you no doubt know which gun I am talking about and each time Rick pulls that hand cannon from its holster, you can’t help but let a bit of envy and awe take you over. He then unleashes a  world of death upon the walking dead slowly encroaching the Sheriff.

The gun-lovers over at LuckyGunner have put together a great article on the iconic hand gun and it really gives you perspective on why Rick chooses this weapon as his side arm, offering some great insight on the connection the character shares with his gun…so to speak. Alex Brown, of, summarized Rick in a great way, comparing him to John Wayne.

“Rick is John Wayne writ modern. His trusty hand cannon of a Colt – along with his gold star, big ol’ hat, and grim determination to do what’s necessary over what’s good – make him the 21st Century Duke. Rick picks up any number of different weapons over the course of his zombie killing career, but, like every classic Western hero, will always go back to his revolver.”

So, as you’d expect from every bad ass cowboy, he has to carry a bad ass gun. The Colt Python is the perfect hand gun for a person who is in charge. Here you have a character that has become the go-to person to ensure the rag-tag group of survivors keeps on living. This group relies on Rick to make the big decisions and be the leader that is so hard to come by in the zombie apocalypse that has stricken the globe. This has appropriately been called a “Ricktatorship.”

Despite his occasional emotional volatility and quest to cling to some kind of morality in a devastated new world, Rick’s symbol of leadership is still embodied in his larger-than-life sidearm. The short time that he doesn’t have it by his side is when he loans it to Otis; a time when Rick was absent as a leader, focused on his dying child. In early episodes, Rick is still getting his bearings and in many cases shows a desire to cling to a now outdated model of civilization.

But, much like the gun he carries, Rick is on the verge of becoming obsolete and a relic, much like the gun he carries. The most recent episode is proof of that. But, like Rick, the classic Python keeps on ticking and is always reliable; ready and willing to get the job done.

The Colt Python has been featured in many films and TV series, including GrindHouse: Planet Terror, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, The Boondock Saints, American Gangster, Silence of the Lambs and Starsky and Hutch. 

I don’t know about you, but I think this would be a great addition to any zombie emergency kit. Sure, there are hand guns that hold more ammo and fire at a faster rate, but the Python is reliable and effective. Sign me up!

Below, you’ll find a fantastic infographic on the Colt Python, giving you all the need-to-know info on the massive hand gun. Be sure to also check out the link to the original article, especially if you are a gun fanatic, as it has some great info on the history of the gun. (Click the image for a larger version)


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Source : LuckyGunner