The Beast Is Unleashed On Magneto In New Days Of Future Past Set Pics


beastThe war between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants appears to be on in the latest set of pictures from Days of Future Past filming (from Fan-Girl.Org via CBM). Nicholas Hoult and Michael Fassbender duke it out in a fountain. We finally see Beast in all of his big blue glory as he tackles Magneto and gives him a good working over. In one pic you can spot either Jennifer Lawrence or her double decked out in the Mystique getup. That’s the only shot of her, so we’re not sure how she plays in to the quarrel with Dr. Hank McCoy and Erik Lensherr. The new Beast design is a great step away from the cat-faced Beast seen in First Class. It seems to be more similar to Kelsey Grammer‘s version of the character. You can really tell that it’s Nicholas Hoult under the blue. I’m sure he’s pleased with the less prosthetics heavy look as well. The ripped jacket is interesting though. Director Bryan Singer sent out a set image showing Hank in his human form standing next to Wolverine. Does Beast borrow a page from Dr. Bruce Banner‘s book this time around? There haven’t been any real hints besides Singer‘s Tweet from early days of filming, but it seems like it’s worth noting considering what we’re seeing below. What do you think of Beast and Magneto duking it out?


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Source : Fan-Girl.Org via ComicBookMovie