The Avengers Cast Assemble To Fight Marvel Studios


rdj moneyI don’t know if this is a bit of a surprise or just business as usual. Deadline is reporting that a potential war is brewing between the Avengers cast and Marvel Studios over how much money everybody is going to get in the sequel. The article is chocked-full of movie business jargon, but we’re going to try to cut through it as best we can. Read on!

Robert Downey Jr. has already raked in $35 million for Iron Man 3 with more on the way. He’s poised to top his mind-blowing payday of $50 million for Avengers (although it’s closer to $70-80 million when all the merchandise money finishes rolling in. But where RDJ is going to break the bank is Avengers 2, if he even shows up. Word is he’ll be back for Avengers 2 and Avengers 3, but maybe not Iron Man 4. This has his costars seeing dollar signs of their own. Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and Sam Jackson were paid way, way less in comparison. Some made around $200,000. The cast is wanting better deals and a bigger percentage on the box office and back end for the sequel.

Deadline reports that Marvel is threatening to sue or recast when contracts are challenged. Some cast members are calling Marvel’s bluff. The site gives a rundown of some of the cast who are wanting more:

I hear Hemsworth especially wasn’t anxious to go back into that arduous diet and training regimen and subsist primarily on egg whites for Thor: Dark World which hits theaters November 8th. I also understand that Scarlett Johannsson told castmates she’s “not going to cut her quote” for Marvel’s Avengers 2.

When it was pointed out to Marvel that Hemsworth already had received $5M for his starring role in Snow White And The Huntsman, the studio shot back, ”I don’t know why you’re complaining when Marvel only has hit movies.” To which the response was, “He’s happier working at a place like Universal.” After hard-fought bargaining, Chris Evans for Captain America 2 and Chris Hemsworth for Thor 2 wound up with deals still weighted on the back end but at least with attainable break-even numbers and small upfront guarantees and box office bonuses.

It seems the cast is uniting behind RDJ who has expressed he’s not going to work with people who treat his colleagues poorly. Director Joss Whedon is doing well with $100 million to do his Marvel god fathering duties. He’s trying to stay above the fray by not saying much about the re-negotiations.  Marvel is known for being a little cheap. They offer there stars a low figure for their first movie with a chance for more in the sequels if the films do well. To show how cheap they may truly be, Deadline reported that the only reason Avengers was  nominated for 1 Oscar is because Marvel wouldn’t pay for an Academy Awards campaign. They even refused when Disney offered to foot the bill.

There is a lot more to this story, and you can read it by clicking here. So what it all comes down to is the actors are a little peeved RDJ got $50 million while they were lucky to get up in the low million range. Everyone is puffing out their chest and threatening to either walk away from a role or recast the position. With Avengers breaking a billion, it was only a matter of time before everyone wanted a bigger piece of the pie. Marvel may have to give a little more, but I don’t think we’ll see anyone walking away. Then again, RDJ has no contract now. He might go out with his guns blazing. We don’t know but we’ll definitely keep an eye on the situation. What do you think?

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Source : Deadline