The Best 12 Comics Of 2012!


Hey guys another year has passed by. We survived the end of the world without twinkies.  Some of our CBT staff  was kind enough to list their favorite Comic Books and Graphic Novels from 2012 and we want to share it with our loyal viewers. Let it be known that they are listed in no particular order, so all the titles that you see below, are an absolutely must in our humble opinion. Take a look and tell us what you think


The  Best 12 Comics of 20121!



Mango Monkey Boy:


AvX:  I’ve enjoyed AvX immensely! It has it’s detractors but what the series did was set up a new status quo for the general Marvel Universe. We had a re-establishment of 2 distinct factions of mutants with Wolverine taking on the role of peace maker that was once held by Professor X and Cyclops of all people becoming the revolutionary/terrorist that was once helmed by Magneto. On a general Marvel level we have a larger inclusion of the entire Marvel U into the picture with mutants playing a more prominent role as Avengers and Iron Man soon to join the ranks of the cosmic heroes in Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel has built its universe to be more inter-connected than before, which may or may not lead to greater stories, we will now in a year.

Also on the Marvel tip I’ve really enjoyed the ride Spider-Man has had in books this year. Peter Parker had a banner year and the end game that brought two parallel characters that where flip sides of the same coin together was just well executed from the writing perspective and On the Art side with Humberto Ramos and team providing beautiful imagery. 2013 will be quite the interesting year for Spider-Man and the Spider-Fam books.


Adventure Time with Finn and Jake: Also Boom! Studios is doing a fantastic job with “Adventure Time with Finn and Jake” and having great success. The comics carry on with the spirit and that magic that the show has. Along with the main series Boom! studios has had success with the first spin-off mini series “Marceline and the Scream Queens” and gearing up for their second spin-off mini in January featuring the fan-favorite gender-swap versions of the main characters; Fionna and Cake.





MASKS: I’d have to go Dynamite Comics with Masks. Chris Roberson and Alex Ross got the action going right from the start with the pulp heroes team-up. Dennis Calero came in with issue 2 and made the rare artist transition that isn’t jarring or harmful to the book. Seeing the likes of The Shadow, Green Hornet and Kato, The Spider and more coming together has made a really great miniseries.




Manhattan Projects: by Jonathan Hickman and Nicholas Pitarra is an alternate history, sci-fi masterpiece. With a crazy Oppenheimer and a pretty awesome Albert Einstein, this is a complex story with many moving parts. With a mixture of comedy, a historical framework with a twist, and great characters it’s hard not to love this book.


Muy Mareado:


XO-Manowar: Valiant Comics had a strong return and debut this past summer. All of the books have been nothing short of quality and intrigue. If I’m forced to choose one title, I’d choose XO-Manowar. XO/ Aric of Dacia was a Visigoth warrior abducted by the Vine and held captive. When the ancient and sacred Manowar armor bonded onto him, he makes his escape but out of nowhere transports into present time. Robert Venditti handled the story and character perfectly and kept me wanting more. The art team that brought it to life are Moose Bauman, Stefano Gaudiano, Lee Garbett, and Cary Nord. These guys may alternate between issues, but it is not distracting and does not degrade at all. From the reintroduction of Aric of issue one to us getter closer to the publisher’s first event, Planet Death, it has been an absolute pleasure to have XO back into the comic world.

SAGA: My second is another favorite of mine. Saga from Image does not disappoint and it is truly a beauty to see and read. Alana and Marko are couple from warring races who are trying to find peace and care for their daughter Hazel. The narrative is handled by a much older Hazel who we do not see, and throughtout the story we’ve been introduced to a variety and diverse cast of characters. Brian K. Vaughn of Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, and more, is the man behind this space opera epic. The characters are grounded and very likable, and despite some that are in pursuit of the main characters, like Freelancer, they still carry much personality and emotion to be truly cared for. Fiona Staples is one of my favorite artists, so it was a delight to see her work for Saga, The scenery and colors are masterfully done and the character design is very unique and wonderfully grotesque. Each issue of the series continues to grab my attention and interest in the story and it’s characters.


Mr. Comic Book:


Daredevil:  Mark Waid and Chris Samnee have almost changed the modern comic.  With everyone being gloomy and depressed, they injected a massive amount of fun into comics.  Waid balances drama and humor effortlessly.  Chris Samnee is an absolute workhorse.  Doing both Daredevil and Rocketeer each month, the quality has never been anything but stellar.  Each month, I find it difficult to find a problem with an issue.



The New Deadwardians: While a miniseries, I absolutely loved it.  Dan Abnett used zombies, vampire, and late 19th century setting perfectly.  In a media inundated with zombies and vampires, Abnett used them in a unique way.  I.N.J Culbard’s pencils were simple, but felt so real.  The New Deadwardians has proved that everyone shouldn’t write Vertigo off as a dying imprint just yet.

Chuckie Valdez:


Batman (DC Comics)

I am huge Batman fan. I mean HUGE. When I heard the news that writer Scott Snyder would be joining artist Greg Capullo, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. They’re first story arc, they introduced a new villain called the “Court of Owls” which played within the Gotham mythos, and they both blew it out of the water. Now, in they’re new story arc “Death of the Family”, they brought back Joker in a mean and nasty way. The Clown Price of Crime is after everyone close to Batman, and the way Snyder and Capullo are setting it up, it could only mean one thing for Batman, Joker will have the last laugh…

I couldn’t recommend this series anyway more, especially if you’re a Batman fan like myself. Fantastic storytelling by Snyder, Amazing artwork by Capullo, Killer colors by FCO Plascencia and bitchin’ inks by Jonathan Glapion.



Axe Cop: President of The World #1-3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Hands down, Dark Horse Comics has been putting out some of the best comic books of 2012. Everything from Star Wars comics to B.P.R.D has been awesome thus far. But “Axe Cop: President of The World” mini-series really stuck out in a big way for me. Writer Malachai Nicolle (eight years old) really amped up the ante here and Ethan Nicolle (32 years old and brother) artwork absolutely delivered, as he always does. Every time I would walk into my comic shop and see a new issue of “Axe Cop: President of The World” up, I had the biggest smile on my face. No ifs ands or buts, if you aren’t reading “Axe Cop” by Malachai and Ethan Nicolle, rectify that immediately!



Agent Burgos:


The Li’l Depressed Boy:  As many of you know this is one of my favorite comics of all time. This is such an awesome comic with great art and a beautiful story…that sometimes is not so beautiful because  LDB gets his heart broken….and something happens to his shoulder… S. Struble (Writer) and Sina Grace ( Artist) continue to do a great job in bringing us a story full of adventure, music, girls and  life.



Animal Man (New 52)   Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman, Steve Pugh did an awesome job with this series.  The art has been exquisite and the writing superb! I never read Animal Man until the  New 52, and I am forever hooked!  It is dark, gritty and full of action! I really recommend you catch up on this series, because it is absolutely amazing, trust me. Also you might want to pick Swamp Thing…trust me.




Honorable Mentions:



This is a great book that can’t go unnoticed. Trust me.

What the author is sharing with us, aside from his artwork and writing, is one of the most intimate experiences in his life. He is letting us in to his world, into his diary basically, an he illustrates it and describes it beautifully.

Variety equals excellence in my book, and Not My Bag it’s a perfect example of quality, hard work and excellence.


Aquaman (New 52)



We can’t leave out the King Of Atlantis, Aquaman!  One of my favorite series and favorite character! Filled with action and underwater adventures, arthur has earned the respect he deserves as a character, and we can thank Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado for it.  Seriously, you need to give Aquaman a chance, he wont disappoint you, I promise.


The Walking Dead:


I mean, you really think we were going to leave this out? C’mon! This year we saw the brutal #100 issue!  Yes it was shocking,  and I kinda cried…not really…well maybe a bit….but we also saw the introduction of the most horrible human being that has ever been born.. Negan NEGAN3

As Robert Kirkman has stated Negan is going to stay for a long time and sadly, we can’t wait to see what other tricks this scumbag has up his sleeve (im talking about Negan not Kirkman, I love you Robert).


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