That Time Jim Steranko Smacked The You-Know-What Out Of Bob Kane


powLegendary artist Jim Steranko recently signed up for Twitter. The 74 year old artist who is known best for Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and his amazing cover work has only been on the social media site for a few weeks. He’s already on the one thousand Tweet door though. Steranko has been interacting with fans and relaying stories of his life. If you’re thinking it’s all about art and what inspired his prolific body of work, you are so incredibly wrong.

sterankoSteranko has been detailing his life’s story and some of his amazing abilities. He touched on being in a secret society of magicians and fooling Orson Welles with one of his tricks, being able to see in the dark, pick locks, sleeping only two hours a day, and counterfeiting money to buy his girlfriend a fur coat in the early 50s, but today he told the story of the time he smacked Batman creator (yes, that’s arguable) Bob Kane across the face. Steranko went Tweet by Tweet, but here’s the full story:

I’d hadn’t encountered Kane in my travels, but at one rockin’ SDCC, an associate asked me if I wanted to meet him, and walked me into a hallway. There he was, in a small group of people, wearing patent-leather shoes–and an ASCOT, like he was Vitamin f******g Flintheart in a Dick Tracy cartoon.

For years, I’d heard how he’d taken credit for Bill Finger’s contributions (in addition to half his pay) and other despicable tales from his associates. But nothing aces an in-person encounter. We were introduced and Kane began talking about my Batman chapter in the HISTORY OF COMICS, which treated him–and everyone else–very respectfully. He felt I credited Robinson & Finger (both of whom I knew intimately) too much. Kane (aka Kahn) was beyond pretentious, an intolerable ass as pompous as they come. I bit my tongue while he regaled us with his many achievements.

The group was waiting for an elevator, which they stepped into when the door opened. Our conversation ended, but not before he said: “See you later, Jim, baby,” and cuffed me across the face–like some rat-pack street gesture he’d seen in some cheap flick. The doors closed…

bob kaneI was stunned by the sheer audacity of a stranger–like him–to lay a hand on me, and boiling with anger.

That night, I couldn’t sleep and the next morning began combing the halls for his Bat Majesty. Around noon, I found him in another group, which I walked into. “Good to see you, Bob, baby!” I said, then bitch-slapped him across the face.

But this time, there was no elevator door closing between us. I stood there for about 15 seconds, waiting. He did nothing. I turned and left. But I regret it now. I regret that he didn’t do anything about it, even though he was at least a head taller than me. I wouldn’t have minded bleeding at all for one more opportunity to give Kane the kind of Bat Lesson that Finger, Robinson, Sprang and others only dreamed of.

Finger was THE creative force behind Batman. ALL the cool Bat elements are his concepts.

Steranko is currently telling a story about meeting Jerry Siegel. So far he hasn’t smacked him, but the story is still developing so we can’t say for sure just yet. That is only a small, small taste of what Steranko tells followers when he decides to hold court. He’s been very active each and every day since joining. If you’re on Twitter you need to follow him. If you’re not, create one just to follow him. His stories make the Dos Equis guy realize he’s never done anything with his life. What do you think of Steranko’s wild and crazy stories?

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Source : Steranko Twitter