Thanos Hasn’t Been Cast, But That’s Not Stopping Kevin Feige From Teasing Us


thanosWith Captain America: The Winter Soldier getting released tomorrow, the new Marvel movie countdown clock is about to reset and Guardians of the Galaxy is on deck. While we know Star-Lord and company will be going up against Ronan the Accuser, Korath the Pursuer, and Nebula, Thanos will have some role to play in the story as well. We saw the Mad Titan turn and flash his pearly whites at the end of The Avengers, but we’re all waiting to see what he does next. While director James Gunn nor Kevin Feige will talk about the big purple guy, a very juicy (potential) teaser has been dropped.

ThanosIn that rather massive Bloomberg piece on Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige, a look behind the curtain in the Guardians of the Galaxy editing process was given. The report describes a scene where Feige stopped by the editing bay and saw Gunn watching a rough animated version of one of the film’s scenes. The site describes the scene:

Gunn freezes a frame of an imposing-looking villain any serious comic book fan would recognize instantly. He sits on a rocket-powered throne. Feige sees something on the screen that he doesn’t like. The evildoer needs to be farther away in the frame so he looks more imperious, he says.
“I don’t know,” says Gunn. “I think it’s going to look cool, man.”
“You just don’t want him to feel petty in that way,” Feige says. “I think it’s a fine line.”
“How do you think it comes off as petty here?” Gunn says.
“He’s so damn close,” Feige says.
“Yeah,” concedes Gunn. “I think I’m going to have him floating in space.”
Feige is concerned about the throne, too. He points at the base. “Those don’t need to be rockets,” he says. “Maybe gravity disks?” Feige says he’ll check back later.
In the hallway he extracts a pledge not to name the bad guy. “That could not be a bigger spoiler,” Feige says.

While there are a few Marvel characters who like to get around via hover chair, Thanos seems like the most likely culprit considering the context of the scene described. Feige has said that the film has not cast Thanos as of yet, but that would be a role that is largely digital and probably require little more than some voice work at this stage in Thanos‘ journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Guardians set for release this August, hopefully Thanos news hits soon. What do you think about the description? Is that Thanos‘ chair they’re debating about?

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Source : Bloomberg Buisnesweek