Terry Gilliam Says He’s Not Into The Whole Comic Book Movie Thing Anymore


gilliamTerry Gilliam‘s attempt at adapting Watchmen into a movie made headlines again last week when producer Joel Silver laid out Gilliam‘s ending and how it was far superior to anything that we got with the 2009 film. If you missed those comments, you can read the original article by clicking here.Well now Gilliam himself has spoken out on comic book movies and the former member of Monty Python and director of hits like Brazil and 12 Monkeys says he would never try to do it again.

Speaking to reports about his upcoming film Zero Theorem, Scotsman.Com (with a hat tip to Twitter’s @Marvel_Freshman) reports that Gilliam was asked about the recent success of comic book movies and if he’d ever like to take a crack at another film after working so hard to get Watchmen to the big screen for well over a decade. The director reveals he’s grown tired of all the comic book movies nowadays since everyone is doing them:

I wanted to do those kinds of films 20 years ago. Now everybody else is doing them, I’m perverse and I’m not going to do ‘em. Also I don’t really like most of them. They’re too limited by their budgets. I was really enjoying The Avengers when it came out, until they had to blow up another city. I was like: what are you doing? You had a really fantastic film going there, and then you’ve got to DO THAT? THAT’S JUST STUPID. STOP IT!

Gilliam is a smart and jovial guy, but he doesn’t mix words. He’s clearly past the stage of wanting to do a comic book film and he’s not afraid to give a straightforward answer. While you probably disagree with is statement, you have to give him credit for being a straight shooter. The director would have had to have found a perfect property to adapt to his zany and out-there style, but he could have given us an interesting comic book movie for sure. Clearly from Silver‘s comments last week it wasn’t Watchmen, but I’m sure there is something out there that could benefit from Gilliam‘s style. What do you think about the director’s comments? Would you like to see him change his mind after the Monty Python reunion and his next string of films?


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