Terry Gilliam Ends All Of The WATCHMEN Drama


gilliamIf you’re a regular reader of this fine site, you know there has been a bit of a Watchmen brouhaha the last two and a half weeks. Producer Joel Silver completely blasted Zack Snyder and his adaptation of Alan Moore‘s seminal work. Silver said in part that Snyder was a “slave” to the source material and that Terry Gilliam‘s version of the film would have been far superior with it’s odd, time-traveling/paradox ending. You can see Silver‘s comments in the original article by clicking right here.

Almost a week later, someone finally got Snyder to respond. Silver wasn’t nice, so neither was Snyder. You can read his comments by clicking here. He said in part that he made Watchmen to save it from the “Terry Gilliams of the world.” Well now Terry Gilliam has finally commented, and we can put this entire thing to rest. While taking part in a Reddit AMA, the director was asked the Watchmen question. The director said of Snyder‘s adaptation, “Charles Mckeown and I wrote the script. I always felt it was not the best way to treat it because trying to squeeze it into 2.5 hours is an unlikely thing. I think we wrote an interesting version of it, but I think it needed more time to really work. I thought Zack’s film worked well, but it suffered from the very problem that I was happy to avoid by not making the film.

It’s a backhanded compliment, but it is a compliment. Gilliam was much, much nicer than his one time producer. With all involved parties having their say, I think it’s over and up to fans to decide. Gilliam would have definitely made an interesting film, but Snyder gave us one of the most faithful comic book adaptations to date. What do you think about Gilliam‘s comments? Would you have liked to have seen his version of the film?

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Source : Reddit via ComicBook.Com