Terry Crews Isn’t Feeling the Power Man Idea

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Terry Crews Luke CageMarvel Studios has a lot of films in the works, some of which we know about, like the Doctor Strange film and the numerous films that are part of their Phase 2 slate. But there are a few projects they aren’t giving any information on. We know that there are a couple of opening dates in the coming years that don’t have a film attached to them, at least publicly, and until they announce those, which won’t be until 2014 some time, we can do nothing but speculate. One of the projects that has been rumored for a while now is either a Luke Cage/Power Man solo film or a Heroes For Hire flick. There have been several actors who have shown interest in the character and some even think they’ve done some screen testing for the role, but no real solid evidence. One of the names that fans keep suggesting for the role is Expendables star Terry Crews. And rightfully so; he’s got the right build and look and certainly the skills for it, but he’s been rather quiet as to whether he’d actually like to play the part.

While chatting with BlackFilm, Crews talks about the idea of playing a comic book character and why he isn’t too keen on diving into a comic book movie role. For fans who are wanting him to play the role of Luke Cage, you better sit down. This isn’t going to be pleasant.

Well, first of all, I’m trying to take myself outta that running. Because everybody’s like, ‘I want to play this superhero character, that superhero character’. I’d rather make up my own. Make a brand new one, you know. ‘Blade’ was basically a failed character. That comic book didn’t do very well.

It’s certainly understandable that he would like to take on a more original character, that’s a big part of being a good actor. While I think he’d be a good Cage, there are also other fish in the sea that would be more than happy to fill the potentially huge role. The actor goes on to discuss his thoughts on why the Luke Cage character hasn’t shown up in film just yet.

“…what I’m saying is that you can still find different ways to make that. I think everybody’s is forcing this ‘Power Man’, Luke Cage thing. Man, it’s obvious, Marvel, for some reason, is not getting down with it. He’s being ignored. Hey man, he was probably in the ‘Avengers’. What can I say? You can’t force it on him. The market’s going to tell you what’s going on. So apparently they felt like, ‘we don’t really have to’.

This thought goes fully against the rumors we’ve been hearing for some time, but’s it’s very possible that because he has little interest in playing the character, he hasn’t stayed on top of all the news in recent months. Crews is definitely set in his ways in regards to Power Man, however, so don’t expect him to be signing on for a comic book movie role any time soon. Also, I’m not sure about his thoughts on Blade, if he is referring to the movies- which for the most part were quite successful- or to the comic character in general. Granted, the character isn’t the most well known, but after the films, I’d say his popularity level went up.

With Crews out of the running, is there another actor you’d like to see take on the role of Luke Cage/Power Man? Would you rather see him in a solo project or see him take on a buddy-type flick with Iron Fist? How about a TV series to go along with the sure-to-be-a-hit Agents of SHIELD which airs tonight? Speaking of which, ComicBookTherapy is starting a new podcast this week called “Helicarrier: The SHIELD Podcast”. Be sure to check it out and to follow the crew on Twitter: @SHIELDassemble


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