Terry Crews Isn’t Big On LUKE CAGE, But He Could See Himself As THING


terry crewsFor years Terry Crews has been a lot of people’s top choice to play Luke Cage when the Hero for Hire eventually makes his way to the big screen. Late last month the actor stated he didn’t have much interest in playing Cage and he didn’t think Marvel wanted to do anything with the character anyways. He did say he was open to a superhero role, though he would much rather it be based on an original idea (that story here). Well now the actor is saying there are two comic book heroes he would really love to play.

Crews has become an even bigger star as of late, thanks in part to memorable outings in the Expendables franchise and his new role on the Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Marvel and 20th Century Fox, home to the majority of Marvel heroes, have a tendency to snag actors and actresses who are starting to reach new levels of stardom. Crews definitely fits that criteria. The actor said the two characters he’d like to take a shot at are the Fantastic Four‘s Thing and Colossus (via JoBlo):

One character I always thought I could play is the Thing from Fantastic Four. Another character I’ve always loved as a fan is Colossus. If there was a way to make that happen that worked, I would love to be Colossus.

Daniel Cudmore is a great Colossus, so Crews should focus on Ben Grimm. With Simon Kinberg recently hired to tackle the latest draft of the Fantastic Four reboot script, Crews could have a shot at the role. Michael B. Jordan was heavily rumored for Johnny Storm before the rewrites were announced, so Fox are obviously open to changing things up. Just because he’s interested in the role, Crews understands that doesn’t mean he’ll get it. He says it’s ultimately up to the fans and what people think will be best for the movie:

You can’t make yourself President; the people make you the President. If people want me to be a part of this superhero genre, it’ll happen. People get what they want. I feel like we need to make new superheroes, African-American superheroes, that people would accept. Whatever I do, it has to be right – for me, for the character, and for the fans.

Terry Crews always comes across as a nice and genuine guy in interviews. He’s a good actor and a heck of an action star, so hopefully he makes it into a comic book movie soon. Crews has always been my personal pick for Luke Cage, but since he said he doesn’t want to do it it’s time to start thinking of other options. Crews will lend his voice to Blade in the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween special so the Marvel folks surely know he’s interested in working with them. His show on Fox has his foot in the door for that section of Marvel as well. What do you think about Crews as Ben Grimm? Is it Clobberin time for the actor?

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Source : JoBlo