Taste The Rainbow: One Of The Lantern Corps Is Getting Destroyed


lantern corpsWe know that the bad guys are going to win very soon in the DC Universe. The Justice Leagues are fighting each other in the Trinity War, and as soon as they get done destroying each other the villains are going to seize the opportunity and take over in Forever Evil. The damage isn’t going to be contained just on earth either. DC co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee talked about one big thing that’s going to happen in the Green Lantern family of books. One of the Lantern Corps will be destroyed.

Speaking with MTV at Comic-Con, DiDio went completely off the reservation and started spilling DC’s plans to the chagrin of Jim Lee. DiDio said that one of the color corps will be destroyed over the battle with the Corps new villain, Relic. He’s going to destroy one of the corps Power Battery, completely wiping one of the colors off the spectrum of Lanterns. Lee looked a little displeased, saying “We’ve crossed over from tease to reveal.” We know a story called Lights Out is coming down the pike later this year. Which corps do you think is going to get wiped out?


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Source : MTV