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Hey All, we are back with another prognosis on one of the biggest horror fantasy adventure drama around, SUPERNATURAL. And yet another detour as Sam and Dean reunite with an another old  acquaintance and find that person has taken on the life of a hunter along with a couple of young and like aged cohorts under the supervision of one caretaker.

The Prognosis begins NOW!!


SUPERNATURAL Season 8, episode 18,  “Freaks and Geeks” Promo


The scene begins where two teens are parked out on a roadside making in the car, when a mysterious figure appears about the vehicle. The boy grabs a knife and heads out after the figure, while the girl stays in the vehicle… The mystery then attacks the girl, dragging her out the window when the boy comes around and lobs the figures head off, revealing itself a vampire. Another girl appears on the scene, and it appears the first girl is Krissy Chambers, an old acquaintance of the Winchesters, a little bit older now. Krissy gives the order that Josephine will play the bait next time around.

Next scene is with Sam and Dean in FBI incognito making a run into the local town’s police station to probe investigation on a mysterious bloodletting murder of two women. The officer in charge shows a security camera clip of that night’s decapitation incident. Dean recognizes the first girl on the scene as Krissy and grows concerned. He promptly usurps the case for their “FBI” department, confiscates the security tapes, and wonders with Sam what the father may know/not know what Krissy has been up to.


First run-in reunite with Krissy.


They intercept Krissy at a motel room where she is stationed at while the two other unknown partners are again gearing up to take on another vampire in the neighboring room. Sam and Dean burst in the other room to intervene when the creature uses the distraction to escape out the window and heads toward a van. Krissy beats Dean to the van and heads off on the vampire, incapacitating it with corpse’s blood. Josephine recognizes the vampire as her family’s killer and, despite the vampire’s plea of innocence, she lobs its head off. Krissy then explains that her father had been killed by the vampire later on not long after the Winchesters saw them, just like what happened with the parents and siblings of her partners/friends Josephine and Adian. Dean is looking to take Krissy back to a aunt of hers as he insists this is not the path she should be taking, but Krissy notes her new caretaker Victor would not allow it.

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Josephine’s revenge



Curious about Victor, Sam and Dean visit the man’s well done out home, get acquainted with him and discuss and question the aspects of using these teens to engage in vampire hunting. Victor promptly preaches that these kids are doing really well in school, stay disciplined, and are trained to be better than any other older hunters out there, making comparisons to how off the last generation have become, with Dean becoming apprehensive when Victor questions Bobby’s ability. The discussion subsides as Dean decides to question the captive victim from the last attack, while the mysterious van pulls up around the area again.

As the kids are readying for school and heading out, Sam continues talking with Victor and learns his drive for hunting was brought on by his own tragedy when camping with his family and they were attacked and killed by a Wendigo, and that he tries to provide a less nomadic life than they both had. Dean meantime, visits the victim and realizes from her testimony that she was not hurt by the vampire at the hotel and seemed confused about the whole issue with her presence being a concern as she had just been back from a trip out of country the month before.

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The situation on their hunts…


Dean later from the hotel clerk and surveillance photos of another woman taken captive by a vampire, bound up, confused, and starting to turn vampire. Albeit that the kids arrive with guns drawn and ready to attack her, Dean urges them to reconsider this, as she is very likely NOT to be a vampire that attacked their families, or Krissy’s father for that matter, as how she could have been able to, as she is still freshly turning. The scene goes to where Sam and Victor are coming up on the mysterious van that Sam spotted earlier… As they near it, Sam is knocked unconscious and it is revealed that the vampire and Victor are in league.

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Sam held captive by Victor.


Sam is tied up at the house and comes to, Victor then reveals how he is staging a vampire attack and that Sam (will be) would be killed in the melee. Victor explains further that there is a need for a newer better breed of hunters and they have to persist as last year’s Leviathan outbreak and his own family’s murder convinced him of that. Dean and the kids arrive to find them in the middle of the situation.

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Krissy confronts Victor on the whole truth…



It is finally revealed to Dean and the kids that Victor is behind the attacks and deaths on their families with the vampire he is in league with.. He further implores them to try to look past and continue to be as usual.. Josephine and Krissy break free suddenly, gain a vampire “tranq” gun and Krissy incapacitates the vampire and holds Victor down with a gun. Dean talks Krissy out of taking down Victor in revenge. Krissy gives him her last defiance and pulls the trigger for each of their murders, Victor cringing in fear.. No shots rang and she reveals the shells she emptied after all.


Farewell for now…


All is now well, with the kids and the Winchesters being shown how to cure the vampirism in the girl captured earlier. Sam and Dean say their goodbyes to Krissy, who decides being with hunter partners is her best path in life for now. They realize that Krissy is not a kid anymore but note they will have Garth look in on them from time to time. Dean warns Adian not to break Krissy’s heart, lest she kills him first. Sam notes it all ended well, but Dean is more concerned that if they fail in closing hell’s gates, it is all for not.

And another filler episode ends, friends reunited and another legacy for new hunters emerges. Afterthought are less this time out other than, can Sam and Dean expect more allies to be there in the future, with all the lives they have touched and people they have inspired to hunt the same? We can only as the game draws near to close the hellhole, and other chaotic dilemmas, that the Winchesters will have the help they need.

OK, next episode.. And from the looks of it, it gets pretty serious… The second demon tablet trial has been revealed by Kevin, who is also terrfied by the voice of Crowley playing about in his head. On news of all this, Sam and Dean proceed on this…rescuing an innocent soul from HELL??   No way!! Sam and Dean are not digging this…but are willing to do so.  A bargain is made with a reaper to get them back down there… But guess who may be the target victim soul they rescue?   Watch the promo and sneak peek below!!

Promo and Sneak Peeks for SUPERNATURAL Season 8/Episode 19, “Taxi Driver”:


SUPERNATURAL Season 8/Episode 19, “Tax  i Driver” Promo


SUPERNATURAL Season 8/Episode 19, “Taxi Driver” Sneak Peek


Catch this intriguing episode of SUPERNATURAL on Wednesday, April 3rd, at 9/8c pm on the CW.


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