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We move on with SUPERNATURAL and another hunt begins anew… The war between angels and demons to protect their right on Earth and the preservation of humanity and its souls has taken a new level. Dean has now become aware of Sam’s failing health due to the “damage” made by his first demon tablet trial. The hunt takes on a reveling turn with the RETURN of Meg, found tortured in a old 1storehouse bathroom facility… Their reunion all the more wisecracking than joyous, they partner up once again to battle against Crowley’s objectives with gaining the Angel tablet and move on their quest to end demon existence on Earth forever.

The Prognosis begins NOW!!


Promo for SUPERNATURAL Season 8, Episode 17, “Goodbye, Stranger”


WOW, WOW, WOW… SPN main storyline begins again a most shocking and reveling episode this season. Darker times are truly afoot on SPN again. The episode begins with Dean making his way down a dark warehousing area when suddenly he is attacked; it turns out be Castiel.. who continues to beat down Dean in readiness to for the final blow, TO STAB HIM DEAD. With little to no hestitation in his mind, he follows through and kills Dean. The lights in the warehouse come on and Naomi congratulates Castiel on being ready to complete his mission, and a shocking scene is revealed as the warehouse is shown full of duplicates of Dean; all of whom were killed by Castiel in past testing.  The episode continues with Sam, Dean spending time in their Men of Letters HQ and getting a lead on suspicious activity that is revealed to be demon hunting by an unknown entity. A road of activity that leads them running into Cas’ helping them out in the nick of time with their own demon fight…an encounter that leads them into finding and reuniting with turncoat demonic ally Meg. Their reunion with Meg informs them of her whereabouts being tortured at the hands of Crowley and that they are looking for an Angel tablet locating in one of the many crypts of Lucifer established long ago. Cas helps tend to Meg’s wounds and Meg tries to get sweet with Cas but he remains his modest humble self on the issue.


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Meg captive: Hello Boys!!


With that done, Sam, Dean, Castiel, and now along with Meg, continue with their search for the Angel tablet, but run into issues with Cas’ NOW implementing Naomi’s programming to kill Dean as Naomi now determines from Cas’s intel that Dean may present opposition to their plans. Dean is overwhelmed to the point of nearly being beat to death by Cas’. Cas’ breaks free of Naomi’s influence and decides to make off with the remnants of the Angel tablet, and flees away(both from Dean on Earth and his mind counterpart ditching Naomi in Heaven’s HQ) but not before healing Dean and apologizing to him the same. Meantime, Meg and Sam discuss their perennial differences and Meg confronts Sam on his personal issues with Amelia and giving up the hunter life. Crowley arrives on the scene and Meg urges Sam and Dean to flee as now Crowley has come in opposition to get dibs on the Angel Tablet and yank back Meg in captivity as well. A fight ensues between Meg and Crowley as she refuses to deal anymore with Crowley’s beastliness and would rather die and/or be pinned inside hell forever (from the results of the demon tablet) than be his lap dog. Unfortunately, Crowley proves to be too much for Meg and ends up finally killing her after she gets in one nasty demon knife blow on his shoulder; fortunately giving Sam and Dean time to escape in the Impala.


Goodbye Stranger

Meg with Crowley: GO SAM!! It’s about to get UGLY!!


Later on Crowley and Naomi meet in secret within the crypt; Crowley tries to flirt with Naomi on the sly revealing that he and her may have had a secret relationship sometime on the past. Naomi refuses to acknowledge and asks for what he wants, Crowley tries to be witful in reason and while looking to strike a bargain with Naomi, she decides to take off, leaving Crowley to no deal.


 Sneak Peek for SUPERNATURAL Season 8, Episode 17, “Goodbye, Stranger”


Morning comes and Dean chides Sam again from earlier about keeping his failing health from his first demon tablet trial ordeal a secret(as Dean discovered earlier seeing Sam’s blood-stained tissue in the trash). Sam and Dean agree ONCE AGAIN in their current family relationship to stop keeping secrets and lies once and for all if they are going to make an effort to survive. Dean shakes the discussion and puts in his classic rock radio, Supertramp’s “Goodbye, Stranger” plays along the end with Dean and Sam driving away with daybreak and reveals what became of Castiel as he plays along traveling by bus and hiding the Angel tablet in a modest duffle bag that he brought onboard.

With all that transpired here, some interesting thoughts and questions to be made here… The Winchesters are now one less ally as much as it was just Meg and she was out for most of the season anyway.. Can the Winchesters expect some more immediate allies(asiode from Cas) with help keep BOTH the Angel and demon tablets safe?  How long can we expect Cas to hold well in protecting these?  Given their not too surprising encounter here, is/was there always an unsteady unstable alliance between Naomi and Crowley for these tablets and are they allying off each other to gain firm control of Heaven and hell’s influences on Earth respectively? (Interesting side thought question: What if Meg is just “mortally” wounded(possibly as a ruse), and actually is going to side with Crowley secretly now that she knows she could end being sealed up in hell by Sam and Dean without a second thought.  That would be an interesting twist eh?)  We shall see in the coming episodes and into Season 9 the same hopefully..

NOW, let’s take a look at next episode. Evolution, its sometimes about building the perfect beast…. And these pint size(or slightly taller) beasties are the next generation of hunters, orphans bred and trained to be the elite in taking down paranormal evil and Sam and Dean may be feeling the burn. It’s NEW SCHOOL VS. OLD SCHOOL on Season 8, Episode 18, “Freaks and Geeks”.

Check the promo and Sneak Peek for Season 8, Episode 18, “Freaks and Geeks”.

Promo for Season 8, Episode 18, “Freaks and Geeks”.

Sneak Peek for Season 8, Episode 18, “Freaks and Geeks”.

Looks thrilling and amusing… Catch this new episode of SUPERNATURAL tomorrow night, Wednesday,
March 27th at 9/8c on the CW.

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